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How to Make Cleaning More Fun

Everyone loves a clean atmosphere, whether they are at home or the office. However, the thought of cleaning does not seem exciting to most people. Even though cleaning is stressful and tedious, we can’t overlook it. This is because a dirty environment will do you no good. Worry no more; we have put together exciting tips to make cleaning more fun.

maids using cleaning tools as instruments

How to Make Cleaning More Fun

Play Music

The music itself makes every activity fun.

No matter the music you like, whether loud, soft, pop, or classical, we often turn on our favorite songs and dance around.

Why don’t you use the opportunity to clean?

Music can transform your mood; it can lift your spirit and get your body moving while making cleaning fun.

man and women cleaning while singing

Catch up on phone calls

The busy lifestyle of people in today’s society has made it difficult for us to talk to our friends and loved ones on the phone, unless it’s through text or social media.

Multi-tasking can ease the pain of cleaning.

If it has been a while since you’ve called your grandparents or college friends, use cleaning as an opportunity to give them a call. 

Try to use a hands-free device so that you have both hands free for cleaning tasks.

But remember to be careful to avoid damaging your phone with water.  

Turn it into a game

Turning routine cleaning into a game will make it fun.

Are you wondering how that can be possible?

Don’t forget that the more, the merrier.

Just invite family members, challenge them to a battle, and see who can clean his or her bedroom first.

Give the winner a prize. 

woman listening to music and cleaning

Make it a Workout

Did you know that cleaning can get your heart rate going?

Oh yes, so if you are struggling with fitting exercise into your already tight schedule, then view cleaning as an exercise and love it.

Cleaning will help you burn a lot of calories because when you clean, you are up on your feet, walking back and forth, lifting, and carrying; this can translate to workout with the right attitude.

Treat yourself

You are more likely to enjoy a task when you know that something positive awaits you once you are done.

Therefore, plan a specific, very fun activity or reward yourself, and you should follow through if and only if you finish your chores.

Ideally, it should be something you have wanted for a while.

You can also get a third party involved so they keep you in check, and they will monitor and treat you only when you have accomplished the task.   

Watch a show you like

Consider watching that show you want to watch, but time didn’t permit you while cleaning.

You can give yourself a break when the show is on and use the commercials to move around. 

However, it is essential to note that if you choose to watch a movie, ensure you don’t get too comfortable and continue watching it instead of cleaning.

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