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How to Get Baby to Sleep: 9 Newborn Sleep Tips

Babies look all sweet and peaceful when they are deep asleep. But the moment they wake up, it’s like all hell breaks loose. When it comes to putting them back to sleep, it’s not that easy. And the constant crying makes it worse. You can shed some burden off your shoulder by understanding more about your baby’s sleep needs. And to make sure your baby has a playful check some of the best baby swings in Everything Mom’s review. Here are some recommendations that will help you get better at putting them to sleep:


Newborn Baby Girl Sleeping

Understanding the sleep needs of your baby

A baby of 2 months or less needs endless rounds of breastfeeding. Sometimes, every two hours. Their food needs are way more crucial than sleep at this stage. Their sleep needs vary drastically. Sometimes they sleep half the day, sometimes just 5 hours without any regard to the time of day. So don’t be surprised if you find them awake and energized at 2 am in the morning. At the stage of 3-6 months,  babies generally sleep at a stretch of 6+ hours.

Be in the same room as the baby

It is recommended to keep the baby in the same room as you are for at least the first 6 months, up to a year. Sleeping in the same room encourages breastfeeding. It also reduces the chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). The closeness can be really positive for the baby.

Keep it clean and clutter-free

Don’t let the baby’s nursery be messy. Design it to be clean, hygienic, and perfect for sleeping. Keep the area near the crib, toys, and mess-free. According to experts, it confuses them and is not good for their sleeping patterns.


Babies from 0-5 months of age have this startling reflex in which they feel as if they are falling down. This sensation often disturbs their sleep and incidentally wakes them up.  Keeping a comfortable swaddle will help them sleep by keeping the startling reflex at bay. This will not only keep your baby safe, but also it’s very comfortable and snugly. 

Dim the lights

The more you keep your baby away from the light, the more it will snooze. Light makes them think of the day, and it’s difficult to make them sleep says Kids’ Health. You can even put all lights out safely up to 1.5 years of age. Babies are not likely to be afraid of the dark before 15 months.

White noise

White noise machines help babies to sleep better by canceling out all the unnecessary noises that you don’t want to disturb your little one with. Your baby is very likely to start associating a soothing constant sound with sleep. You can also set the machine to play lullabies or sleep music or even nature’s sounds if you like. But even white noise will do the trick and take them back to their super comfort zone, which was in the nourishing home inside the belly of the mother. 

Cool temperature

Cool temperatures are the best for the baby to have a smooth, consistent sleep. Temperatures between 68-73 Fahrenheit work the best for the little ones. Along with the temperature regulation make sure they have an appropriate amount of layers on. A couple of comfortable layers to keep them cozy are enough, instead of heavy layers. Also, make sure that the crib isn’t directly under the A/c vents or any of the heaters. It should be a perfect location where there’s no excess cold or warm air or noise. 

Regulate the number of naps during the day

Too much sleep in the day can be not good for the nighttime. It can be a little tough to break their sleep, but if you want to be up for a long nighttime no-sleep session, then regulate the naps during the day. Make sure the nap doesn’t cross the 2 or 2.5-hour limit. Wake them up, feed them, keep them awake for a while as they get ready for another nap, and then put them to sleep.  

Sleep training

Most babies learn to go back to sleep on their own and the others just need some sleep training. Actually giving them some time to fall back asleep and not rushing in to pick them up goes a long way. There are many other methods of sleep training for the baby too. Parents can take help from a baby sleep training consultant that will help babies sleep better recommends Baby Sleep Magic.

Final Words

Putting your newborn to bed can be a tough task, but if you are guided in the right way and stay consistent with your approach it becomes easier. Keep all the recommendations in mind for a smooth ride as you put your baby back to sleep.

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