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How to Choose Your Wedding Venue in Oslo

Getting engaged is an exciting event in a person’s life. It means preparing to commit to and share your life with your significant other. Anticipating what it will be like, sharing the good news with family and friends, and dreaming of a happy future are all part of the experience. So too is planning. Lots of planning, especially if you want to have a large and traditional wedding in Oslo. You need to choose attendants, someone to perform the ceremony and buy rings. Invitations must be purchased and sent out. You also need a venue. Choosing the right one can be overwhelming with so many places to have a wedding and reception in Oslo. Here are some tips for selecting the perfect place.

What’s Your Budget?

With so many potential wedding venues in Oslo, the first step is to narrow them down. The way to do that is to consider your budget. Be realistic. You may find the place of your dreams, but if the cost puts you into heavy debt at the start of your marriage, it can quickly become a nightmare. Decide how much you can spend on the entire wedding and what portion of that can go toward the venue. Be sure to find out what services are included in the cost, so you know if you have to pay for any of them separately.

How Big?

Another important consideration is the capacity of the venue, says Based on the size of your guest list, you can eliminate some options for being too small. You don’t want guests jammed into extra seats at tables. Don’t book a place that’s too big either. It will most likely cost more, and it doesn’t make sense to pay extra for space you don’t need. The manager of the venue can give you accurate capacity numbers. 

How to Choose Your Wedding Venue in Oslo

When Is It Available?

Obviously, a wedding venue is of no use to you if it is not available on your set date. For this reason, start looking well in advance of your wedding date; as much as a year may be necessary. When you do find the perfect venue, put down a deposit right away so they will hold the date for you. It would be disastrous to lose your venue when it’s too late to find another.

Indoor or Outdoors?

Depending on the season your wedding takes place and your preferences, you may want an outdoor venue. It’s still a good idea to have indoor space available in case of inclement weather. Since you will be booking early, there is no way of knowing if rain or a storm will make an outdoor reception undesirable. Indoors is a safer choice. If you can find a place within your budget that offers both indoor and outdoor space, you can have the best of both worlds.

What’s Your Theme?

The venue should match your wedding theme. If you are planning a chic, urban wedding, you wouldn’t choose a rustic barn setting as your venue. Likewise, a retro wedding with a vintage feel shouldn’t be held in an ultramodern hotel ballroom. You want all of the elements of your special day to fit the venue. You can get ideas by looking at wedding magazines and doing internet searches. Take photos of the venues you are considering. You can then bring these with you when choosing dresses, tuxes, and other wedding elements.

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life. You want it to be perfect and create many happy memories for you, your spouse, and all of your family and friends. One of the most important elements is the venue. Use these tips and find the ideal place to tie the knot.


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