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How Nurses Ensure Patient-Centered Care

In the past few years, the health care sector has evolved drastically. The pandemic of COVID-19 has forced health care professionals to adopt a new approach and get rid of old school methods. It has made them revise their strategies to improve the outcomes for patient care.  

Patient-centered care is one of those new approaches contributing positively to fulfill the patient’s needs efficiently. It has enabled nurses to take measures to ensure quality health care. Providing patient-centered care means dealing with patients with utmost respect and affection.  

The adaptation of patient-centered care has impacted the healthcare industry positively. It has improved satisfaction scores and enabled health care providers to attain a better reputation through PCC practices. From productivity to staff morale operating margins to expenses, it has streamlined everything. 

If you are wondering how nurses assure patient-centered care, then this guide will help you understand it. 

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Interacting with Patients 

Nurses are one of those professionals in the health care sector who remain in constant touch with patients. By interacting with them, nurses get an insight into their condition, feelings, and current mental state. 

As a nurse, you get the opportunity to spend far more time than anybody else in the facility. You have to provide besides services and explain every aspect to them that is involved in care. Whenever a healthcare institute decides to apply patient-centered care, nurses will have a significant contribution to it. 

Assuring Healing in a Dignified Manner

By ensuring personalized patient care, you can reinforce the significance of dignity and respect in the healing procedure. This type of care involves the preferences of social, moral, and spiritual values and providing comfort to patients. Different hospitals have built healing gardens and added other elements that allow nurses to help patients in recovery. 

If you ever wonder why become a nurse practitioner when you have other career options available, think about the dignified healing you can do to patients. You can earn patients respect by honoring and acknowledging their cultural and spiritual preferences. By getting to know their likes and dislikes, you can assess how they react to medical advice. If a diabetic patient is in a fast due to religious obligations, you have to respect it. You should instead find an alternative solution to take care of the patient’s condition.

Taking Right Decisions through Clinical Knowledge 

One of the vital aspects of patient-centered care is the way patients have love and respect. As a nurse, you get a chance to learn more about patient’s conditions than doctors. Family involvement is also crucial for the patient’s improvement. Still, when it comes to their safety and experience, clinical knowledge of nurses go into play. You have to think and act wisely according to the situation without any risk.

You need to be fully aware to make the proper use of patient-centered care. In today’s digital era, you must leverage the technology. Nurses may manage patients’ information or data by having smartphones or tablets in the healthcare facility. It helps you keep track of a patient’s condition, but you should not recommend it to patients. Information can be imprecise that is found on the internet, so you can not rely on it. You may use gadgets to manage the list of patient’s health care team members, so it also helps you discuss patients’ conditions. 

Working Efficiently through EHR

Electronic health records (EHR) make a significant impact on your clinical decisions. It provides you quick access to a patient’s medical history without any hassle. It plays a crucial role in minimizing medical errors and repetition of the testing process. Additionally, EHR contains minor details like patient’s healthcare or diet plan, discharge date, specific precautions, or complaints. 

Nurses also add special days in the record as well like patient’s birthdays, so that everyone can celebrate in the hospital as a gesture of kindness. This act goes a long way in the patient’s recovery and improving the relationship with them. 

Collaborating through Teamwork 

Health care centers that genuinely embrace a patient-centered care approach also motivate all nurses to prioritize patients. Nurses ensure that by having reliable coordination with their colleagues. It streamlines and keep their workflow on track and allows them to find the solution to different issues. 

If you are busy due to any emergency, you can ask a fellow nurse to keep an eye on your patient for some time. Once you have completed your work, you can resume the duty. This patient-first and team-driven environment allow nurses to serve them with devotion and dedication by ensuring the highest quality of services. It also enables hospitals to attain better ratings in national surveys.


Nurses are the pinnacle of the health care industry. They have got the leading role to play when it comes to improving the patient’s condition. Patient-centered care is one of those approaches that help patients’ physical condition and heal them emotionally. It directly impacts a patient’s heart and mind that helps in the recovery process big time.

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