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How Hang Tags Help with Your Company Brand

Are hang tags still relevant in your business while the internet has revolutionized everything?

As strange as it may sound strange, hang tags are still relevant in the retail world, even with advancements in the internet. Like an employee’s tag, the hanging tag is the first thing the customer looks at in your product to decide if the product is what they are looking for.

For that reason, you should put a lot of thought into the information on the hang tag. This can include the size, color, material, shape, and also images you put on the hang tag.

selection of boutique branded hang tags

Understanding hang tag and its applications

Can you remember the last time you purchased an item from a conventional store? Probably, the product you bought had a label on it. That label is what is known as a hang tag.

While the internet is a rich source of information, people still look for information from printed material when they visit a physical store. The printed material offers crucial information regarding the product the customer wants to purchase.

The hang tag can include details such as the designer or manufacturer’s name, instructions on how to take care of the item, and the materials used.

Apart from providing the product’s price, the hang tag also passes a message to your customers.

So, does a hang tag benefit your business? If yes, how does it do it?

If you want to ensure the hang tag benefits your business, you must place it strategically on the item. Additionally, ensure that it has all the information that benefits the shopper and encourages them to buy.

You should customize the hang tag to attract the customer’s attention. If a prospective customer is still undecided on whether to purchase or not, the hang tag encourages them to buy.

Hang tag marketing strategies

A hang tag is a powerful marketing tool.

Do not look at it as a throw-away item, as it helps you in several ways, including displaying your unique logo.

So, what strategies can you employ to ensure the hang tag performs satisfactorily as your marketing tool?

Enhance brand recognition

If you have a unique logo, place it on the front of the hang tag. Your product is not the only one in the store competing for the customer’s attention. Therefore, you need to ensure it stands out from the rest.

If a customer is searching through bundles of clothes, they’ll spot your unique logo from the rest. This is an efficient strategy as it ensures the customer overlooks other products and settles only on yours.

Have images on the hang tag

The prospective customer may want to visualize what the product will look like when they finally buy it. If you are selling clothes, it will help if you have an image wearing the piece of cloth.

The image can promote the product better than any words can do. However, it doesn’t hurt if you can infuse an image and some additional information.

Product information

What does the customer want to know about the product?

Ensure that you include all the product information in the hang tag.

Before the customer buys the item, they will want to find out about the material, size, color, etc.; ensure you put the information where the customer can easily find it.

If anything stands out for your product, it would be best to share it here.

For instance, if you donate some of the proceeds for charity, include it in the product information.

Price and discounts

Are you offering any discount on your product?

If yes, you can include it in the hang tag. It is also smart to include pricing details.

You can have the pricing and discount information printed on the hang tag or have it on a sticker.

Having it on a sticker would be better as you can remove it when the prices and discounts change.

You can take your hang tag marketing strategy to the next level by using the tag as a coupon.

For instance, you can have the customer get a discount on their next purchase in the store if they produce the hang tag.

Use high-quality material

The hang tag is vital as it represents your brand and your product.

Thus, you should use high-quality material that shows the product is classy, elegant, and long-lasting.

Using quality material also ensures the information and images you have on the hang tag don’t get lost.

Additionally, you should be careful about the colors and fonts used on the hang tag.


A hang tag is a powerful marketing strategy reflecting your brand and product. It helps to influence the customer to leave other products and purchase yours. It also encourages prospective customer who hasn’t made up their mind to buy.

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