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Home Remodel: Dropping the Ceilings in the Kitchen (With A Snake) and Bathroom

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The ceilings came down yesterday in the living room and the two bedrooms. Today the plan is to drop the kitchen and bathroom ceiling.

Lessons learned yesterday have them ready to knock it down.

home remodel fluff from ceiling on tarps

They lay down long sheets of plastic to capture the ceiling fluff insulation so they can scoop it up in larger sections to dispose of.

It’s all going well.

And then…

My husband yells, “Snake!”

As a three-foot black snake torpedos out of the ceiling. The part hanging down from the ceiling is where the snake exited.

home remodel kitchen ceiling coming down

The snake coiled up in near the white pipe, my dad through a wrench at it and it retreated under the house.

My husband does not like snakes and was pretty much done with the ceiling project when he sees the snake has tunnels through the Roxum insulation all through the ceiling.


home remodel snake tunnel in roxul


home remodel kitchen ceiling coming out

There is a break while the search for the snake under the house, but find nothing.

Work resumes.

home remodel kitchen ceiling out

They move on to the bathroom.

home remodel bathroom ceiling fluff

Then begin clean up.

home remodel bathroom ceiling down

In Twelve days, my husband and dad have done the demolition in the:

We still have the ceiling in the great room and laundry room to drop.

Be sure and check out the beginning, where you can see the house as it was bought.

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