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Holiday Road Trip Memories #kiaholidays

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In six days we will be heading home. The kiddos and I will be embarking on many firsts for them. Their first time on an airplane, their first time at Grandma’s. Their first time meeting six cousins. It’s going to be enchanting.
As it approaches, fond memories are coming to the surface for me. Many years ago, when Zac and Jake were little we took this same trip by car. I love road trips. We left Salt Lake City and drove with destination North Carolina. The terrain changed many times on that adventure. From our majestic mountains to a glorious sunrise just outside Denver where the snow capped mountains glistened and shimmered in the sun’s dancing first light.
We yawned our way through Kansas with it’s flat prairies. Here my children made the discovery that not all rest stops were created equal. Surprisingly those in Kansas did not harbor vending machines for the boys to fuel their stationary bodies with sweet and salty treats and the occasional soda pop. We watched the sun set in the horizon.
A flurry of snow met up with us near Kentucky. The sky was dark and filled with despair. The windshield littered with snowflakes of all sizes. Beyond the windows the snow seemed to drop heavy and quickly, yet when we stopped to stretch, it seemed to slow down and be very soothing to watch the snow in the light of buildings.
We sang Christmas carols out of tune. We each had our favorite and demanded the radio be turned up to fill every nook and cranny of the car with the joyful spirit of the holiday.
We feasted on crackers, nibbled on cheese and searched out license plates from various states.
Thirty eight hours later we reached our destination. The warmth of seeing my mom rush from the front door to greet us. She asked my son, “Where did you come from?” and in his pint-sized voice he said, “Really, really, really far away!”
Our visit was short but still lives in our hearts.
The return holiday road trip home left us feeling full and celebrating a season in spite of weather and miles. It lived on as we solidfied our memories of Grandma and Grandpa, shared time with family around a crackling fire and had the opportunity to embed it into our hearts as we told the tales over and over as we wound our way home through the southern states, avoiding the slush and bustle of the north.
Whether your family is just next door a on the other side of the country, a road trip is a great way to share the memories of the holidays past and present. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the miracle of family and generate the magic of a moment.

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