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@HeatHolderUSA Socks Kept My Teens Feet Warm in 7 Degree Weather

Heat Holders are socks. We wonder why we went without after our last storm. The East Coast gets cold, and it rarely snows where we live. This month we had almost three feet of snow and temperatures that hovered closer to zero than double-digits. As we all know, snow is great entertainment for children. MacKenzie is a tall, slim girl who is always cold. She spent an afternoon sledding on the hill across from our house. My husband took great care to ensure she would be dry and warm. She put on a double layer of socks, and he used Glad garbage bags to give her a stormtrooper look.

heat holders storm troopers

She was dry, but within hours she came inside because her feet were so cold.

The next day, I remembered we had Heat Holders socks.

heat holders in package

They boast of being the “warmest thermal sock.”

With temperatures single digit and a child who insisted she must ride sleds, it seemed the perfect time to put Heat Holders to the test.

heat holders inside fuzzy

Heat Holders socks are fleeced lined, thick, thermal socks.

The inside is fuzzy and soft, and the outside looks like a traditional sock that is soft to the touch.

By all accounts, they are constructed with the shape and appearance of an everyday sock.

Seam over the toes, heel cup, and knee socks.

Heat Holders are thick, and the manufacturer claims they are seven times warmer than a basic cotton sock.

If you’re into TOG ratings, traditional cotton socks have a rating of 0.33.

An ordinary thermal sock has a 0.89 TOG rating, and Heat Holders have a TOG rating of 2.34.

If you aren’t familiar with TOG ratings, it is a score that measures the thermal ability of textiles.

Heat Holders socks rate high on the TOG thermal rating due to the advanced insulated yarn that provides high-performance insulation, superior moisture wicking, and the long, looped thermal pile which holds in the more warm air.

The fuzzy, soft brushed inside also helps keep the warm air inside the sock.

heat holders information
MacKenzie pulled the socks on and commented on the soft feel on her feet.

They stretched up, almost to her knees.

The heel to the top of the sock is eight inches.

The upper part of the sock has a one-inch-wide band.

The fuzzy inside lining runs from the toes to 1/2-inch from the top of the sock, where the band is.

The temperature outside was seven degrees, and MacKenzie stayed out for almost 5 hours playing in the snow, sledding down the hill, and building an igloo.

When she came inside, she said her feet were not cold at all, and she loved the Heat Holders.

heat holders in pink

Heat Holders will be perfect for our hikes on the Appalachian Trail in the Spring and Summer, camping, where her feet often are cold even inside the sleeping bag, and for those rare occasions we get snow.

She is especially thankful for Heat Holders because, despite not getting snow, we do get freezing temperatures, and Heat Holders warm her feet instantly and keep them warm.

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