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Harry Potter Candles and PopCraft Cards

We received Insight Editions Sculpted Insignia Harry Potter Candle and cards in exchange for this post. All opinions and my children’s love for all things Harry Potter remain our own.

Introducing Insight Editions Harry Potter Insignia Candles, Tin Candles, and Popcraft Cards! Step into the enchanting world of Harry Potter with these magical treasures that will ignite your imagination and bring the wizarding universe to life.

🕯️ Harry Potter Insignia Candles: Immerse yourself in the captivating scents of the wizarding world. Each handcrafted candle features an exquisite design inspired by the iconic insignias of Hogwarts houses, such as Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Light up these candles and let the aromas of Butterbeer, Pumpkin Pasties, Forbidden Forest, and more transport you to the halls of Hogwarts.

🕯️ Tin Candles: Carry the magic wherever you go with our compact and travel-friendly tin candles. Perfectly sized to fit in your bag or adorn your desk, these candles come in a variety of enchanting scents. Be it the cozy ambiance of the Gryffindor Common Room or the mystical allure of the Room of Requirement, these tin candles capture the essence of your favorite Harry Potter locations.

💌 Popcraft Cards: Unleash your creativity with our Popcraft Cards. Each card features stunning, intricate paper designs that magically unfold into three-dimensional scenes from the wizarding world. Relive iconic moments like the Triwizard Tournament, the Battle of Hogwarts, or a heartwarming scene at the Burrow. These cards are perfect for displaying, collecting, or gifting to fellow Harry Potter enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a newcomer to the magical realm, Insight Editions Harry Potter Insignia Candles, Tin Candles, and Popcraft Cards are a must-have for every witch, wizard, and muggle alike. Immerse yourself in the scents, sights, and emotions of Harry Potter with these enchanting treasures.

Unlock the magic today, and let the world of Harry Potter ignite your imagination! Visit The Insight Editions website to experience the wonder of these extraordinary products. Hurry, limited quantities are available! Don’t miss your chance to bring the wizarding world into your home. Accio Harry Potter Insignia Candles, Tin Candles, and Popcraft Cards!

Harry Potter came into our lives on an airplane. It was 1998. A long flight and a restless child in front of us opened the doors of wizardry as his mother soothed him by reading from Harry Potter. We were reading it when we got home, Charlotte the Great was reading it. From there our children became Potterheads.

Regardless of which house you sorted to, Slytherin or Gryffindor, there’s a candle that speaks to your inner magic.

Harry, Ron, and even Lord Voldemort love the offerings from Insight Editions’ new line of Harry Potter candles and cards.

Harry Potter Candles and PopCraft Cards for the Potterhead on Your Gift List

Harry Potter Candles

🕯️ Introducing Insight Luminaries: Candles Inspired by Your Favorite TV and Movie Shows! 🎬📺

This holiday season, let your favorite television and movie show light up your world with Insight Luminaries, the latest brand from Insight Editions. Whether you have a big or small budget, they have something magical in store for you!

🕯️ Tin Candles: The Perfect Gift That Keeps on Burning

Looking for a small yet meaningful gift? These tin candles are here to delight! These compact treasures offer a long burn time, accompanying your loved ones throughout the season and into the New Year. Choose from a variety of house colors representing your favorite fictional worlds.

🔥 Small Tin Candle: $7.99 – Burns Bright for 14 Hours

At just $7.99, these small tin candles are a delightful surprise. With 14 hours of burn time, they create a cozy ambiance that will make any TV or movie enthusiast smile. After the flame fades, repurpose the tin as a keepsake to cherish for years to come.

🔥 Larger Tin Candle: $12.99 – Shining for 30 Hours

For those seeking a longer-lasting flame, our larger tin candles are the perfect choice. With an impressive 30 hours of burn time, they immerse your space in captivating scents inspired by your beloved shows. Like the smaller tin, this option also offers a keepsake tin that can be repurposed once the candle has fulfilled its magical duty.

🌟 Ravenclaw Tin: A Truly Amazing Scent

Insight Luminaries take pride in crafting candles that capture the essence of your favorite shows and delight your senses.Their scented candles transport you to a realm of enchantment. Their Ravenclaw tin candle is no exception. The aroma is truly amazing, filling the air with the wonders of the wizarding world.

This holiday season, ignite the joy of your loved ones with Insight Luminaries. Delight them with the gift of captivating scents, magical ambiance, and cherished keepsakes. Explore their range of tin candles, available in all house colors, and let the magic unfold.

Don’t miss your chance to illuminate your world with the scents of your favorite television and movie shows. Let Insight Luminaries cast its mesmerizing glow into your life.

harry potter tin candles

🕯️ Experience the Magic of Hogwarts with the Harry Potter Sculpted Insignia Candle! 🏰✨

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Harry Potter? Look no further than our favorite, the Harry Potter Sculpted Insignia Candle, designed to captivate your senses and ignite your imagination.

⚡️ Choose Your Emblem: Hogwarts Crest or the Elusive Golden Snitch

You can proudly display your love for the wizarding world with options that include the iconic Hogwarts crest or the elusive golden snitch (not pictured). Let your passion shine through with every flicker of the flame. And for those who cherish the values of Slytherin or Gryffindor, they have special editions available for you too!

🔮 Unveil the Magic of HOGWARTS™ School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Imagine the thrill of walking through the halls of Hogwarts, surrounded by magic and mystery. These deluxe candle captures that essence perfectly. The Hogwarts candle is a gorgeous, large pillar candle adorned with a meticulously sculpted and hand-painted emblem of the Hogwarts crest. It’s not just a candle; it’s a masterpiece that brings the world of Harry Potter into your home.

Two Sizes to Choose From: Small or Large

They understand that everyone has different preferences, so they offer two sizes to suit your needs. The small size, priced at $29.99, is perfect for adding a touch of magic to any space, while the large size, priced at $49.99, makes a bold statement with its grandeur. No matter which size you choose, the Harry Potter Sculpted Insignia Candle is a must-have decoration for any HARRY POTTER™ fan!

Don’t miss your chance to own this exquisite piece of wizarding artistry. Experience the magic of Hogwarts in your own home. Bring the world of Harry Potter to life with the Harry Potter Sculpted Insignia Candle!

Illuminate your world with the essence of Hogwarts.

Let the flame reveal the wonders of the wizarding realm. Get your Harry Potter Sculpted Insignia Candle now! ✨


harry potter insignia candles from insight editions

✨ Forever Glow with the Sculpted Insignia Candles: Your Hogwarts or House Candle That Lasts ✨

Step into a world of everlasting magic with these extraordinary Sculpted Insignia Candles. These candles are not only designed to captivate your senses but are built to withstand the test of time, ensuring your Hogwarts or House candle continues to glow forever.

💫 The Secret of Lasting Magic

We believe in the power of lasting enchantment. That’s why these Sculpted Insignia Candles are carefully crafted with two types of wax, each serving a unique purpose. The inner wax allows the candle to burn for an impressive 90 hours, creating a perfect cylinder down the middle while preserving the exquisite decorative wax on the outside.

🔥 A Candle That Keeps on Giving

But the magic doesn’t end there! Once the center cylinder has melted down, it transforms into the perfect shape for a tea light. Simply insert a tea light, and your Hogwarts or House candle will continue to cast its gentle glow, illuminating your space with everlasting enchantment.

🌟 Experience the Beauty, Embrace the Eternal Glow

These Sculpted Insignia Candles are not just a candle; they are embodiments of wizardry and wonder. These timeless treasures symbolize the enduring spirit of Hogwarts and the magic of your chosen House. Place them proudly on your mantel, in your study, or anywhere you desire a touch of eternal magic.

🕯️ Hogwarts or House: Choose Your Forever Glow

Embrace the essence of Hogwarts with our iconic Hogwarts Sculpted Insignia Candle, or choose your House, celebrating the values and aspirations that resonate with you. Whichever you choose, your candle will serve as a glowing reminder of the magical world you hold dear.

Forever Illuminated, Forever Enchanted

Don’t let the magic fade away. Invest in the everlasting beauty of our Sculpted Insignia Candles today. Experience the eternal glow, the lasting magic that these candles offer. Let your Hogwarts or House candle shine forever!

✨ Illuminate your world with the everlasting magic of Sculpted Insignia Candles.

Let your glow continue for eternity. Get yours now and embrace the enchantment that lasts forever! ✨

harry potter insignia candles from insight editions


Harry Potter PopCraft Cards 

💌 Rediscover the Joy of Handwritten Messages with Harry Potter Popcraft Cards! 🦉✉️

In a digital world, some of us still cherish the timeless charm of cards and handwritten letters. They serve as tender reminders that someone is thinking of you. We have something truly magical for all the Potterheads out there: the Harry Potter Popcraft cards.

Experience the Golden Snitch Pop-Up Card

We had the pleasure of receiving the Harry Potter Golden Snitch PopCraft Pop-Up Card, which left us spellbound. This deluxe pop-up card from Insight Editions is a true work of art. Crafted with fine Italian pressed and dyed paper, it showcases intricate paper engineering that brings the Golden Snitch to life before your eyes.

💫 A Card That Goes Beyond Words

This PopCraft card is not just a card; it’s an experience. Delicate folds and meticulous craftsmanship create a three-dimensional marvel that will delight any recipient. The beauty and attention to detail make this card a keepsake worth treasuring or displaying proudly.

The Ultimate Holiday Card for Every Wizard and Witch

Whether you’re a Muggle, a seasoned Wizard, or a budding Witch, this Harry Potter PopCraft card is the perfect choice for spreading holiday cheer. Its enchanting design and heartfelt message make it the ultimate holiday card for Potterheads across the Wizarding World.

💖 Cover Message: “If I’m a keeper…”

Let the cover message spark curiosity and intrigue as you open the card to reveal its stunning pop-up surprise. This thoughtful message sets the tone for a magical connection transcending mere words.

💌 Revive the Tradition, Share the Magic

Call us old-school, but we believe in the power of handwritten messages. Let the Harry Potter PopCraft cards reignite the joy of heartfelt communication. Send a tangible piece of magic to someone special, reminding them that they are in your thoughts.

Embrace the Magic of Handwritten Messages.

Choose the Harry Potter PopCraft Cards and make someone’s day brighter. Get yours now and spread the enchantment! ✨


harry potter popcraft card

💖 Interior Message: “Then you’re a catch!”

The interior message carries a whimsical charm that will warm the hearts of Harry Potter fans. With the words “Then you’re a catch!” written inside, this card adds a playful touch to the heartfelt sentiment it conveys. It’s a reminder that the recipient is truly special and valued.

Share the Magic, Create Lasting Memories

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or any occasion that calls for a touch of magic, the Harry Potter PopCraft Card is the perfect choice. Share this card with a loved one, a fellow Potterhead, or anyone who holds a special place in your heart. Let it become a cherished keepsake that evokes fond memories for years to come.

💌 Embrace the Power of Thoughtful Connection

In a world filled with digital communication, the art of handwritten messages and tangible tokens of affection is more precious than ever. Revive the tradition of heartfelt connections with the Harry Potter PopCraft Card. It’s a symbol of the care and thoughtfulness that goes into nurturing relationships.

Illuminate Their Day with the Harry Potter PopCraft Card.

Be the reason someone smiles today. Get yours now and let the magic of connection unfold! ✨

harry potter popcraft card inside

🎁 Unfold Magical Scenes with PopCraft Cards or Embrace the Artistry of Quill Cards! 🧙‍♂️✉️

Open a world of wonder with our captivating collection of Harry Potter cards. Whether you prefer the mesmerizing pop-up scenes of these PopCraft Cards or the exquisite artistry of their Quill Cards, they have something extraordinary to offer.

PopCraft Cards: Unveil the Magic

With Insight Editions PopCraft Cards, prepare to be transported to the enchanting realm of Harry Potter. Open the card, and watch in awe as a scene pops up before your eyes.This meticulously crafted Hogwarts Express card features a stunningly detailed golden snitch soaring through the air. It’s a sight that will leave you spellbound. Each PopCraft Card is priced at $14.99, a small price to pay for an unforgettable magical experience.

💫 Quill Cards: Where Artistry Meets Elegance

If pop-up cards aren’t your cup of tea, fear not! The beauty of Insight Editions extends to their Quill Cards. These exquisite creations capture the essence of each Hogwarts house in breathtaking detail. Choose from the vibrant colors of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff, each standing out proudly on the card. The quilling technique intricately forms the shape of the house animal, showcasing the skill and artistry behind each piece. Immerse yourself in the world of Slytherin with a specially crafted quilled card, a true masterpiece that we had the pleasure of receiving.

Embrace the Magic of Connection

At Insight Editions, they believe in the power of tangible gestures and heartfelt messages. Their Harry Potter cards are more than just paper and ink—they are vessels that carry emotions, memories, and the magic of connection. Share these cards with fellow Potterheads, loved ones, or anyone who holds a special place in your heart. Let the scenes and artistry within each card spark joy, ignite conversations, and create lasting bonds.

💌 Experience the Magic Today!

Unleash the magic of PopCraft Cards or embrace the artistry of Quill Cards. Discover the wonders that await. Choose the cards that resonate with you and let the magic unfold with every open, every sentiment shared, and every smile that lights up a face.

Let the Cards Speak Louder Than Words. Get Yours Now and Create Moments of Magic! ✨

harry potter quilled card


💌 Surprise Your Favorite Harry Potter™ Fan with Exquisite Quilled Cards! ✉️🧙‍♂️

When it comes to capturing the hearts of Harry Potter fans, both PopCraft and Quilled cards from Insight Editions hold the power to enchant. For a truly remarkable gesture, this quilled card is the perfect choice, boasting an intricate handcrafted quill design that showcases the essence of the wizarding world.

Unleash the Artistry: Slytherin Insignia and More

With attention to detail at the forefront, this quilled card features a stunning handcrafted quill design, and we had the pleasure of receiving the one adorned with the distinguished Slytherin insignia. Each stroke of the quill embodies the magic of fine Italian pressed and dyed paper, while intricate paper engineering brings the card to life. No detail is overlooked in our pursuit of creating an exceptional card that will captivate every Harry Potter fan.

💖 A Keepsake Beyond Compare

Beyond its enchanting design, the quilled card is more than just a card—it’s a premium gift that can be cherished as a keepsake or proudly displayed. Crafted with the utmost care, this exquisite card embodies the beauty and artistry that Insight Editions is renowned for. It’s the ultimate gift for Muggles™, Wizards, and Witches alike, spreading the magic throughout the Wizarding World.



harry potter quilled card close up

🌟 Make the Magical Connection

Whether it’s a birthday, a special occasion, or simply a heartfelt gesture, the quilled card is the perfect way to surprise your favorite Harry Potter fan. Its intricate quill design and premium craftsmanship are sure to make their heart flutter with joy and ignite their passion for the wizarding world.

💌 Unveil the Magic Today!

Experience the artistry of Insight Editions quilled cards and create a moment of enchantment for your loved ones. Discover the beauty that lies within each quilled card. With a price of $12.99, this extraordinary gift is within reach for all who seek to celebrate the magic of Harry Potter.

Unleash the Power of Quilled Cards. Surprise and Delight Your Favorite Harry Potter™ Fan Today! ✨

Insight Edition also offers exciting new Harry Potter merchandise such as the beautiful new Hogwarts pop-up book.

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