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Hard Candy Makeup Collection Must-Haves

Introducing Hard Candy Makeup: Unleash Your Bold Beauty!

Are you ready to take your makeup game to the next level? Look no further than Hard Candy, the brand that brings fearless, vibrant, and edgy beauty to your fingertips. With our wide range of products designed for trendsetters like you, get ready to make heads turn and hearts race.

 Unleash Your Creativity: Hard Candy Makeup is all about empowering you to express yourself. From sultry smokey eyes to bold, colorful looks, our high-quality eyeshadow palettes are your secret weapon to creating mesmerizing eye-catching designs. Dive into a world of endless possibilities and let your imagination run wild.

Pout Perfection: Plump, luscious lips are just a swipe away. Their collection of show-stopping lip products will leave you breathless. Whether you’re into rich matte finishes or crave a glossy, high-shine look, our lipsticks, glosses, and stains will keep your pout on point from morning till night.

Illuminate Your Beauty: Get that lit-from-within glow with their stunning range of highlighters and illuminators. Crafted to enhance your natural radiance, our formulas seamlessly blend into your skin, leaving you with a luminous complexion that commands attention wherever you go.

Picture-Perfect Complexion: Say goodbye to imperfections and hello to flawless skin. Hard Candy foundation and concealer line boasts a variety of shades and textures to suit every skin tone and type. Achieve a smooth, airbrushed finish that lasts all day, empowering you to step out with confidence.

Professional Tools: Elevate your makeup routine with Hard Candy top-notch brushes and applicators. Designed for precision and ease, these makeup tools help you effortlessly blend, contour, and define. Unleash your inner artist and achieve professional results right at home.

Cruelty-Free Commitment: At Hard Candy, they believe that beauty should never come at the cost of innocent lives. That’s why all their products are proudly cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, giving you peace of mind while looking your best.

Don’t settle for ordinary makeup when you can have extraordinary. Embrace your unique style and unleash your true colors with Hard Candy Makeup. Be prepared to make a statement that’s as fierce as you are!

Our Hard Candy Makeup Collection Must-Haves

Hard Candy Makeup Collection, available exclusively at Walmart is a fun collection of all the makeup must-haves from foundation to lips.

hard candy makeup collection

MacKenzie just turned thirteen, and I’m not a big fan of her wearing makeup. I realize, from attending school events, she is a minority when it comes to Mom’s opinion. We had a mother-daughter talk and set some rules.

She is allowed ONE swipe of mascara. Her top lashes only. NO eyeliner.

When we received Hard Candy Collection makeup for review, we revisited the talk, and she now has a very simple beauty routine.

MacKenzie has very dry, sensitive skin.

This is good because she doesn’t have to worry about acne. She does, however, need some moisturizer to keep her skin from itching.

We found the Hard Candy Hydra-Prime Primer Lotion ($8.00) is a great option.

Hard Candy Makeup , hard candy hydra prime primer lotion

The Hard Candy Hydra-Primer is a sheer priming lotion.

It has a creamy gel texture that has the benefits of a moisturizer and a primer. It’s an all-in-one. She thinks it smells like cucumbers–a scent she LOVES. It is lightweight and soothing. It instantly absorbs into her skin and gives her the hydration she needs.

I like that it is made with wholesome ingredients like coconut water, jojoba oil and glycerin.

She has been using it for a couple of weeks; her skin is softer, has a smooth appearance and she raves about how pretty her skin is since using it.

Blush can be tricky. I also put my foot down on a foundation. Our compromise is the Hard Candy Glow all the way Ombre Blush.

Hard Candy Makeup glow all the way ombre blush

The Hard Candy Ombre Blush ($7.00) is lightweight. It gives her cheeks and face a dewy all over warmth.

The ultra-light, micronized pigments are infused with radiance enhancing pearls and blend effortlessly into the skin to enhance the skin tone and give a natural looking finish.

It highlights her amazing cheekbones and adds just a touch of color.

I can use it, and the color can be exaggerated with more swipes of the brush.

The Ombre Blush is available in two colors.

Hard Candy Makeup ombre blush colors

My favorite in the collection is the Hard Candy Plumping Serum.

I kept this one for myself, but occasionally, MacKenzie likes to use it because she has very thin lips and likes the tingle.

Hard Candy Makeup plumping serum

I love the Hard Candy Plumping Serum because it is outrageously shiny. It has intense hydration, and it volumizes my lips to minimize the fine lines age is quickly adding to my pout!

It has an exclusive plumping serum system with hyaluronic filling spheres and fruit extracts.

It is available in a range of sheer and full-color shades. My shade is Swan Lake–it’s subtle.

Hard Candy Makeup plumping serum colors

Finally, I’m about to introduce you to MacKenzie’s favorite–Hard Candy Fierce Effects Lip Gloss.

They are BOLD!

This took the most negotiating. In the end, we fell back to our tradition since she was a little tiny thing and called lip gloss her “lips.” Light colors, unless she is doing chores or around the house, then she can go bold! Until we met up with Fierce Effects, that color was RED.

Meet the Hard Candy Fierce Effects Lip Gloss ($5):

Hard Candy Makeup fierce effects lip gloss

Hard Candy Fierce Effects are seriously shiny lip gloss infused with Argan and citrus oils in fierce runway shades.

Picture stunning splashes of daring lip color the drench lips while blended with exotic oils to smooth and hydrate.

Her favorites are Trophy Wife and Hey DJ. In the picture below, she is wearing Hey DJ.

Hard Candy Makeup hey dj fierce effects

The colors range from intense to sheer pigments to suit her fierce or more mellow moods.

Hard Candy Makeup plumping serum colors

Hard Candy Collection Makeup is a great brand that has allowed me to compromise with my daughter. It is also a brand, I use on occassion with great results. It’s long lasting, fun colors and affordable price make it makeup we both can stand behind.,

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