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Hair Extensions for Curly Hair

When browsing through the offer of the hair extensions producers, you may notice that straight strands dominate it. Is it even possible to extend curly hair? Yes – absolutely. In our article, you’ll find some advice regarding the hair extensions methods and selecting products for curly hair.

Curly heads often have love-and-hate relationships with their own hair. They can look stunning and make you stand out from the crowd on one side. On the other – taking care of them is really hard at times. 

Brushing, washing, night routine – all is much more complicated than when it comes to straight hair. When washing hair, instead of just applying shampoo and washing it off, curly heads often use the condition-shampoo-condition method, which takes more time but provides a higher level of protection. To underline the curls, some use the plopping method as well.

Since haircare is so challenging, few decide to keep their hair long. Curls – particularly the 4a, 4b, and 4c types – are not great friends of length. If you dream of long curls but don’t want to bother with growing them, you may choose hair extensions instead. How to find your perfect type and method?

Hair extension methods for curly hair – which ones to choose?

Most curly heads don’t need additional volume, so they search for this kind of service much rarer than the straight hair owners. As a result, the choice of products and extension methods align with the needs of straight and wavy hair, but not necessarily with those of curly ones. When choosing the solution, remember that not all of them are suitable for the curls due to their structure. They’re empty inside, so their strength is much lower – that’s why using taped-in or sewn-in extensions for a long period may not be the greatest choice.

If you are focused on durability, consider using micro-link extensions. The best, however, is to stick to the clip-in extension method, as any long-term extensions could seriously damage the hair. You can do it at home – all you need is the strands and some hair extension tools (depending on the method), suggests Viola Hair Extensions.

Hair Extensions for Curly Hair

How to adjust the curl type?

The classification of hair may slightly differ depending on the methodology, but generally, there are four categories – 1 (straight), 2 (wavy), 3 (curly), and 4 (kinky). You may find types A, B, and C among the first two categories and among 3 and 4 – A and B. The letters refer to the diameter of the curl.

If you have waves, you may consider investing in straight professional hair extensions made with natural hair instead. The natural strands are not as prone to damage as the synthetic ones, and you can stylize them the way you want. This way, you can achieve the exact effect you were hoping for. 

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