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The Goopy Ghost at Valentine’s Day Book Review

While The Divine Miss M toots Valentine’s Day to be her favorite holiday, the fact is that she loves everyone. She practices friendship 365 days a year. Li’l Man enjoys Valentine’s Day but his imagination is filled with super heroes and ghosts.  V.R. Duin’s book The Goopy Ghost at Valentine’s Day collides The Divine Miss M’s favorite holiday with some fun even Li’l Man can get behind–Roman Mythology and Goopy Ghost!

I love that Duin captures friendship through his book of rhymes that pairs even the most unlikely of friends and proves that friendship can overcome the obstacles of differences and create a long lasting friendship!

This book was so well received by my kiddos that The Divine Miss M requested I bring it to her classroom party.

It’s a great story about how Goopy Ghost wants a soul mate and seeks the help of Cupid. Cupid goes to great lengths, traveling south in search of a suitable fruit to become a friend for Goopy. The result is Mushy and their friendship gets a chaotic start, but in the end they learn from the other and long after the holiday they discover the importance of friends.

It’s a great story, especially as those notes come home from school stating that if your child shares Valentine’s they must include everyone. Druin believes celebrations should include everyone. He captures this perfecting in this book that brings the imagination to life with mythology and fantasy.

“There is adventure for boys and social liaisons for girls,” the author says. “The story should appeal to all children everywhere that Valentine’s Day, or any holiday, is celebrated.”

“The Goopy Ghost at Valentine’s Day” is available for sale online at and other channels.



About the Book: 

When the heart and soul of the pumpkin comes to life, we are all in for a few surprises. Think Casper the Friendly Ghost, think The Great Pumpkin, think wildly imaginative holiday fun for your little ones on Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine’s Day, with more holidays on the way. 10% of all author royalties are donated to charities serving the needs of homeless families, pets and wildlife.

About the Author
V.R. Duin is a lawyer and author of the series, “The Goopy Ghost.” The parent and grandparent lives with family on a small horse farm with two dogs.

*We received the Goopy Ghost at Valentine’s Day in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions where expressed are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.
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