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Give Wedding Portrait Paintings as a Novel Wedding Gift

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3 Wedding Gift Ideas through Portraits from Photos 

You may be a mother of the bride, the father of the groom, the best man or woman—but no matter how you are connected to the newlyweds, you will play a vital role in welcoming them both into this next, new chapter of their happy lives.

Finding a gift to express your care and well wishes can be exciting as well as challenging.

Though traditional gift lists and registries abound, there is wisdom in taking your own road and exploring alternatives and options that can delight your recipients with uniqueness and charm.

In addition, it gives you an exceptional opportunity to customize and personalize your gift to their unique pairing.

Consider these three ways to turn a happy image of the couple into an impressive wedding portrait painting for families, grooms, and brides alike.

Learn the multiple methods you have to make an impression and give them a gift they’ll love through many happy years.

Indian wedding portrait painting by a professional artist created from original photography of a happy couple.  

The Bride with the Groom

Your first option is simple enough.

It requires that you take the time to either take a picture of the couple for the portrait yourself or find a suitable substitute that you can use to frame the perfect painting.

How the bride and groom show what their one-of-a-kind relationship looks like and feels like for them can be captured in an image.

And, sure as the years have gone by, they have collected, posted, and mailed many images of them together in lovely settings.

It can be smart and satisfying to choose one of these images.

Once you have done so, you can turn the image into a custom portrait as unique as they are.

From the day they open the gift, they will see what thoughtfulness and care you have put into your material wish for their continued happiness.

They will, hanging it in their home, have a consistent reminder of their eternal commitment to each other. 

The Bride and Groom Separately

The second option for this gift-giving category is to split the gift but present it as one, just as the two are joined.

You can take professional photos of your subjects and use them to characterize a stunning individual portrait.

You can take this custom portrait a step further by splitting the gift into two, one that represents each recipient.

It’s a classic take on portraiture and shows how they each command an equal share in the union, both giving oneself over the other and joining hands on the journey of life.

Considering putting these portraits together as a perfect package gift, you will see among the crowd of gifts that yours stands out above the rest as novel, appreciated, and highly sensitive to the needs of both people to be celebrated and recognized as individuals in a sacred bond.

Their Honeymoon Destination

Finally, your third option for a wedding portrait gift is to take a more conceptual and less literal approach to capture the spirit of the ceremony.

It involves you know some details of the couple’s post-ceremony plans.

If you do not wish to overwhelm yourself with selecting the perfect photo or picture of the two lovebirds, then you might elect to give them a touchstone to a fond and shared memory instead.

When the newlyweds go on a post-wedding trip such as a honeymoon or finally take that trip to Paris, you can secure an iconic image of the place for a tasteful addition to their hall of memories.

It will not only flatter the recipients, but it will also improve their anticipation of the trip or honeymoon so that it adds to their excitement.

Everyone will immediately see the connection between the gift and the shared experience of the newlyweds, helping to add a stone onto the path of the years.

Final Thoughts

A wedding painting of their destination or a wedding portrait painting of the bride and the groom gives the recipients something to cherish.

Whether a custom wedding portrait or wedding family portraits—the most beloved of happy gifts for the celebrating couple are those that stand the test of time, fitting the recipients’ taste, styles, moods, and personalities perfectly.

Your gift should meet the intersection of these characteristics as well as the sweet spot between stunning the heart and stimulating the mind.

That’s why you have the many options on how to frame and feature the wedding as well as the couple and their unique experiences.

It’s the kind of thing that persists throughout the seasons and makes it into the category of best gifts for a bride and groom.

For turning the image you want into a heartfelt visualization of the couple’s love, should be your preference.

You can contact Portraits On Demand today for custom wedding gift painting.

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