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Giggles and Grins at the Witch Festival

Earlier in the week, I had promised my six-year-old the Witch Festival at Gardner Village. I mentioned we could take a couple of friends and the next thing I knew, she had invited four! I had a head cold and no adult companion to navigate or help me hold on to my thread of sanity!

One friend was dropped off at our house and from there we hopped into the Chevy Traverse. Three kiddos in the back, I programmed the GPS navigation with the addresses of the other two girls and we were on our way. A phone call using the touch of a button and voice command had us confirmed for pick up with the moms!

At the first friend’s house, we discovered a yard sale. This was the immediate cause for unloading and so two girls, one brother, and this mom browsed the yard sale. It was a fun adventure that had us returning to C.I.T. (Chevy’s Intelligent Traverse) with myself, one li’l brother, three giggling six-year-old girls, and ten stuffed animals. Thankfully, due to C.I.T.s large cargo area and passenger seating that seats seven, we STILL had room for another friend!

Another hands-free call to confirm we were really on our way, detoured momentarily by the bashful eyes of our new stuffed friends and the path already chosen by the blue line on our GPS Navigation we arrived! It’s amusing to watch what to an adult would be a simple in-and-out pick-up being conducted by a six-year-old. When we arrived, C.I.T.s doors opened and everyone, except me, piled out, held hands, and walked to the door. One by one all knocked and then when the friend arrived there were hugs for everyone.

Three car seats, with kiddos,  across the back seat, one kiddo with car seat in each of the captain seats, a passenger seat filled with jackets, backpacks, and anything else the children thought we might need and we were on our way to the Witch Fest.

I surrendered to Radio Disney on XM Radio, but when I realized they couldn’t hear it over their giggles and squeals, I used the touchscreen to give me a Mom’s Time Out and selected 80s on XM8. Whaddya know, Bon Jovi! You gotta love a Chevy Mom’s Time Out this perfect!

We arrived at Gardner Village and walked through the great little shops and took pictures of the Witches on display. Each of us declaring the next one our favorite. It was perfect weather and I loved watching these B.F.F.s sharing their day together.

When the final witch had been seen, we all gathered back in the Chevy Traverse. I was extremely impressed by how easily the children were able to get in and out. There was an instance when one of the girls in the very back couldn’t get her seat belt to snap and I was relieved to find it so easy for me to WALK to the back and click it in place. There was no effort on my part. There was no big production. It was just simplified parenting.

Then someone spotted a McDonald’s and we celebrated more fun at the playland.

One by one we dropped the girls off at their own homes. One mom had to come and see how it was possible to fit everyone in the car. We laughed together when I mentioned there had been room enough for one more!

Being the mom to many, I really appreciated the practicality of the Chevy Traverse. It made the best play date possible for my daughter and the flexibility of the interior eased the stress by navigating for me, providing my favorite music, and making helping me feel like a joy rather than a chore.

The Rocky Mountain Gotta Love Chevy Moms Time Out Campaign is being sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Chevy Dealers who are providing me with a ChevyTraverse to test drive for one month in exchange for blogging about my experiences using the vehicle. Mom’s Time Out will be giving us Mom Missions to complete and will be providing us with gift cards to cover the expense of each the mission. All opinions stated are my own, completely honest and objective and not influenced by the sponsor. Others’ experiences may vary.

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