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My Little Gifts: A Book of Sharing (Growing Hearts) by Jo Witnek

We received My Little Gifts: A Book of Sharing by Jo Witnek in exchange for this post. All opinions and our love for reading remain our own.

My Little Gifts: A Book of Sharing is a wonderful book that features flap-lifting and unfolding. It’s an interactive picture book with stunning illustration.

There are many types of gifts. There are those that come wrapped in big boxes or shiny wrapping paper. But there are also gifts that aren’t as tangible like gifts that help others. There are gifts like baking a cake or sharing a toy with a sibling. Being a helper to a friend or lending an ear when someone needs to get something off their chest.

my little gifts a book of sharing by jo witek

This book has a message that we all have many gifts to give. It reiterates that giving is more fulfilling than receiving.

As the title shares, My Little Gifts, is a celebration of what each of us has to extend as gifts to someone.

It’s a charming book and celebrates the milestones of a child’s emotional development. It shares conquering fears and expressing feelings, even welcoming a new sibling.

The pages are clean, and there is a very soothing color palette used making it easy to focus and follow along.

I found My Little Gifts: A Book of Sharing by Jo Witnex and illustrated by Christine Roussey to be a wonderful read with a message every child should hear and will enjoy.

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