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Freckles Galore!

My children love to color. They color at home and they like to color on the go. Sometimes the Tupperware box is too bulky to be convenient and NOTHING ruins dinner out more than when the restaurant gives all the children two colors…THE SAME COLORS!
I’ve complained and I’ve whined, just like my kiddos! There has to be a solution for this. I want something compact and yet large enough to offer a choice of colors!
Thankfully Carrie, owner and creator of “Freckles Galore!” thought ahead and did something about this crayon catastrophe! She offers “Crayon Roll-Ups”…they are delightful!
Aside from discovering her “crayon rolls”, I had to stop and giggle at what a fun name her shop has, “Freckles Galore!” I have six children, two have freckles, it’s just in the DNA I’m told. I love that Carrie embraces this. “I wanted my shop name to be fun, unique, and something easy to remember. I also wanted it to reflect me and my kids. Each of my 3 children has freckles but my daughter, Lindsay, and I have Freckles Galore! Hence the name of my shop;) “
Carrie loves to sew! She especially loves to sew for her kids! “I can only make so many things for my kids!
Then a friend of mine, PreciousAngelBows, has a shop on Etsy and encouraged me to sell my stuff in my own shop.
I thought that was an amazing idea!”
This advice from a friend enables Carrie to “sew all I want and list it in my shop for others to enjoy.
Not to mention the satisfaction that it brings to help my hubby out with the income.”
Sewing is in Carrie’s blood.
It’s a talent passed on to her. “My mother taught me to sew when I was in Junior High School.”
After that class, Carrie only occasionally pulled out her sewing machine.
Then, Carrie’s mom nudges her again. “When I was pregnant with my 2nd child, my mom then taught me how to quilt. I loved it! I made a bunch of small quilts for my kids and I still make them as baby shower gifts and birthday gifts for friends.” She had found her passion. When the baby arrived, her schedule was pretty full, and ” my attention so short, LOL.  I started making smaller gift ideas for my kids and friends. I enjoy the pleasure that my items bring to children’s faces!”

It’s these “smaller” ideas that lead Carrie to create her favorite creation so far, “Crayon Roll Ups”. “Crayons are associated with childhood. New crayons in an adorable crayon roll up just bring smiles to faces of all ages! Not to mention their practicality. Throw them in a purse or diaper bag and you have something to occupy your child in any emergency situation!”

Now, through the end of February, Freckles Galore! is offering the clever “Crayon Roll Ups” for JUST $5.00–a savings of $2.00!! Consider one for Valentine’s Day or Easter Baskets…even just bring a smile to your favorite kiddo’s face!

Freckles Galore! thinks like kiddo which makes her product stand apart from the other, “I like to make my products a little different than others sold. I love using flannel. Kids love soft textures. I personally think it is a “comforting” texture. I like to use wider ribbon on the crayon rolls. It is easier for little fingers to work with while they are learning to tie a bow and it is wide enough to be personalized. I put much care into each item. I want it to last as long as your child is interested in the product and longer.”
Raising three children became a priority and Carrie put on hold her career as a teacher. Her family and house come first and foremost, which makes finding time to create a bit of a challenge. “I usually find time to work on my products after my morning cleaning routine and while my youngest child is at school for half-day and then I work some more while she naps.”

She’s devised a system that works for her and helps her stay on task. ” I work in the “assembly line” style. I usually will do all of my cutting out at one time, then putting together, sewing, finishing, labeling, etc…. This tends to be faster for me and I can manage my time better. I can set a goal of just getting things cut out if I have to–instead of getting interupted in the middle of a project–which can still happen..a lot.! Once nap time is over, everything is put away so that I can concentrate on my family.”

When the sewing is put away, Carrie is “a stay at home mom of three wonderful school-aged children. I have a great husband of almost 12 years! Besides loving to sew, my first love was teaching. I taught elementary school for 4 years before becoming a stay at home mom. Now that all of my kids are school-aged, I may be heading back into the classroom in the next year or so. I love to teach the children in our church. I also love to read and quilt. But most of all, I love being a wife and mother to my family!”

Carrie has taken her love for her family and enhanced it with two other “Freckles Galore!” products,  Doll Diapers and Ouchie Bags!”


The “Ouchie Bags” can be used to “soothe your child’s aches and pains.” It’s child-sized at 4″x5″ and made of soft flannel.  Your child can hold it securely in place with the 7/8″ grosgrain ribbon handle. Another great benefit of this bag is that it’s eco-friendly. You can use it over and over for bumps, bruises, scrapes, earaches, and growing pains!


As the mom to two young girls, I love the idea of Baby Doll Diapers. There was the Christmas of Baby Alive, who broke the bank with the need for “diapers”! It was this same Christmas that inspired Freckles Galore! to save the budget, “I was inspired to make these when my daughter got a wetting baby doll for Christmas one year. It is so much cheaper and environmentally friendly to use these flannel cloth diapers than buying those disposable ones.” Each set includes two diapers and a changing pad.
Freckles Galore! is a fun place to just browse. One of my favorite items is the “pee pee domes”. What a great idea! Like Carrie, I sure could have used these when my boys were little!

The quality of her work is spoken by her customers:

“Excellent product and wonderful customer service!!! The doll diaper set is so cute and much more economical (and environmentally friendly!) than buying those plastic diapers they sell for the Baby Alive doll! Love your shop!!! :-)”

I got these crayon rolls to use as favors for my son’s birthday. She did a great job. They look beautiful . Very well finished and she was extremely accomodating in customizing these by finding the material/patterns that I wanted. Had them done and shipped in just a few days. Overall, a great shopping experience with this vendor.”

“Great product! Fast shipping! A pleasure to buy from!”

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