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Foreign Students’ Guide to Using Sample Personal Statements Personal Statement Writing Guide

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Regardless of whether you’re applying to law school, med school, undergraduate university or college, or other graduate schools, you will be required to submit a personal statement paper. This is why it’s important for applicants to check out sample personal statement essays to get an idea of how to structure their essays and which information to include and discuss. For foreign students especially, looking at sample personal statements will also give them a better idea of what to expect when applying to US academic institutions. Below are more reasons how international students can use examples of personal statement essays in their application to universities and graduate schools:


Get an idea of how personal statements for US institutions are structured

Different countries have varying guidelines and requirements for writing a personal statement and research paper. If you’re a foreign student, browsing through and reading other applicants’ personal statements can give you an idea of what admissions committees of US schools expect to see from applicants’ essays. Granted, not all of the sample personal statements you’ll find online are reflective of the expectations of admissions committees. But at least you will get to have a feel of how most applicants write their personal statement essays and structure yours accordingly.

Know which essay-writing themes are overused by other foreign students

While it’s true that most schools and universities have additional considerations when reviewing the personal statement essays of foreign students, it will still do you well to avoid the themes and topics that are commonly used by other foreign students when they write their personal statement essays. For one, you will find out how to avoid the self-pitying themes that a lot of foreign students use in their compositions.

Instead of appealing to pity, you should write your personal statement in such a way that it highlights your strength of character and courage in pursuing studies in a foreign land, with no one to turn to but yourself. Not only will this make for a more touching and impressive read, but it can also convince the admissions staff that you want to study in their institution bad enough that you had no qualms about leaving your comfort zone and moving to another country to study.

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