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Following Featherbottom

One of the Best Personalized Children’s Books Ever!

My children love reading and they love the books that have them searching for hidden items. Marblespark captures the love of reading by combining hidden elements with a personalized book that has my Li’l Man over the edge in Wow!

Allow me to introduce you to Li’l Man. The first word he could spell is his name. The first word he could write was his name. The word he loves above all others is his name. He’s a vain child. He’s my child. He is proud of his name, and seeing it in print makes him beam with joy!

Years ago when my parents worked fairs, my mom would send personalized books to my older boys. They involved a story that mentioned their names. They enjoyed these treats from a grandma far away. Marblespark has outdone Grandma, creating a book that includes the child’s first and last name and birthday. (I should mention here that Li’l Man loves his birthday right after his name!)

When the book arrived, Li’l man opened it and the first thing he noticed was, of course, his name! It’s right there on the cover, on a banner being carried by a bird. The letters are colorful and in a variety of fonts making it a fun and crazy display of the name.

Letters are hidden around the globe!

Inside the Wow didn’t stop. The story is from the perspective of a bird named Featherbottom. The reader joins Featherbottom’s adventures to find all the letters in your child’s name, which are hidden worldwide. The story is in rhyme and very cleverly written! Each place on the globe reveals a new letter in the child’s name.

Can you find the “i”?

Even better than the story, is each visit on the map has a picture where the child’s name is hidden. Li’l Man wouldn’t let the story continue until he carefully sought out the letter hidden and then we looked at the banner across the bottom of the page to be sure Featherbottom was spelling his name correctly!

The illustrations are fun and fill the story with amazing places, people, and stunning colors. I enjoyed looking at them as much as Li’l Man and sometimes I even caught myself laughing!

As a reward for finding all the letters in the first name, the story pauses to share the name banner. It’s such a great part of the story…then it continues with letters for the last name (something Li’l Man has not yet mastered spelling!)

At the end of the book the child is encouraged to sign their name. (We elected to use the magic finger pen). Then start the story again.
Finding Featherbottom by Marblespark is absolutely the BEST personalized children’s book. It gets thumbs up for the story, illustrations, creative display of letters, and incorporating an I-Spy type theme into the fun!


Marblespark is part of Project OpenBook,a community-built publishing project that gives 100% of its profits to charity. How does it work? Anyone can submit a poem or illustration. Then fans read along and vote. Marblespark publishes a children’s book, and gives the proceeds to World Change! Find out more about this program by visiting Project OpenBook.

I received a copy of Following Featherbottom in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions, where expressed, are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. No other compensation was received. Others experience may vary.

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