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Flying with a Baby? Follow these Tips for Dressing Her Up

For any new parent, traveling with a baby is going to be one of the biggest challenges you are going to have to face. Children, especially newborns have a hard time adjusting to the difficulties associated with travel, be it the change in pressure, temperature,  people, or the general traveling experience.

So here are a few tips to help you get your little ones best adjusted for a flight.

Mom carries your luggage with happy baby at the airport terminal. Flying for holliday, traveling with you luggage safety through Singapore airport. Use businesses class for you comfort

1.Book a direct flight:

Whether you like it or not, children are not going to have a good time going through multiple connecting flights and you definitely don’t want to run around carrying your baby, car seat, and diaper bag.

So if you want to ease your travel, you should make sure that your traveling is done in the simplest way possible.

With the entire process of travel, from boarding to take-off to landing being a real pain with a child on board, spending less time in planes is going to save y0ou quite a bit of energy overall.

2. Taking care of their sanitary needs:

It is important to visit the airport restroom before boarding a flight to ensure that you board the plane with a dry diapered child as changing diapers can be quite an ordeal, especially at the beginning of the flight.

If your young one is potty trained, you could also have them enter the plane with a clear system. The more work you can take care of before the flight, the more time and energy you save by not disturbing other passengers or yourself from your slumber during the long flight.

Make sure you pack adequate supplies of diapers and sanitary wipes to ensure that you don’t end up lacking one during the flight.

3. Bringing double:

Always keep it a policy to bring double how much you think you will need, be it food, milk, diapers, or blankets. Baby’s are often unpredictable and even experienced parents are left surprised with their antics.

So to keep an unexpected potty restricted to the diaper, ensure that you have plenty of those.

Also, remember to carry spare blankets and other clothes in case your child spills something on themselves or dirties them in another way.

This is especially useful when you end up having to deal with delays in flights which could result in you being stuck in the airport for extended periods.

4. Comfortable dressing:

Learning to dress your baby comfortably yet stylishly is an art. You should have understood the importance of comfortably dressing in the atmosphere of an airplane.

Dressing your child in layers is considered to be the ideal way to keep your baby safe from the weather of all kinds, be it sunny tropics or snowy mountains.

To protect your baby against the cold temperatures experienced within the aircraft itself, remember to pack a few sweaters and onesies to keep your little one warm.

Knowing the importance of baby clothes and how to use them can be what differentiates a painful and comfortable trip for your little one.

5. Baby protection:

Normally, sucking or chewing is what helps babies deal with the pressure changes associated with flights.

You could also use earplugs or earmuffs specially designed for toddlers to comfort your children in times of such changes.

Younger children can be given milk to feed on or a pacifier to chew on while older children can be given a cookie or cracker to nibble to help deal with the pressure changes.

Ensuring some sort of care, however, will be your primary responsibility.

6. Packing an extra change of clothing:

Apart from bringing spare diapers and sanitary napkins, it is important to bring one or more changes of clothes for your toddler so that they do not have to deal with the aftereffects of wearing a single pair of clothes for extended periods of time.

The sanitary costs of such a compromise might not be worth it for you or your baby.

Always prefer carrying extra clothes over waiting to wash the current ones.

Taking a baby along with you on a journey is never an easy decision and you will be met with a lot of obstacles. However, the important thing to keep in mind is that regardless of the problems you face, you get to spend time with your family, isn’t that what everybody dreams of in the end?

About Julee: Julee Morrison is an experienced author with 35 years of expertise in parenting and recipes. She is the author of four cookbooks: The Instant Pot College Cookbook, The How-To Cookbook for Teens, The Complete Cookbook for Teens, and The Complete College Cookbook. Julee is passionate about baking, crystals, reading, and family. Her writing has appeared in The LA Times (Bon Jovi Obsession Goes Global), Disney's Family Fun Magazine (August 2010, July 2009, September 2008), and My Family Gave Up Television (page 92, Disney Family Fun August 2010). Her great ideas have been featured in Disney's Family Fun (Page 80, September 2008) and the Write for Charity book From the Heart (May 2010). Julee's work has also been published in Weight Watchers Magazine, All You Magazine (Jan. 2011, February 2011, June 2013), Scholastic Parent and Child Magazine (Oct. 2011), Red River Family Magazine (Jan. 2011),, and more. Notably, her article "My Toddler Stood on Elvis' Grave and Scaled Over Boulders to Get to a Dinosaur" made AP News, and "The Sly Way I Cured My Child's Lying Habit" was featured on PopSugar. When she's not writing, Julee enjoys spending time with her family and exploring new baking recipes.
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