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How to Teach your Kids Flossing and Oral Health

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Taking care of our oral hygiene is something we should all be doing since a very early age; not forgetting frequent visits to the dentist at as well. 

Schools and parents should make it a point to teach children about brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash along with the proper ways to do all that.

Flossing is a practice all of us should adopt if we want us to save ourselves from the horrors of gum disease.

If you have ever seen your gums bleed on the slightest of brushing, then you should know that you have severely skimped out on your oral health.

To make sure your kids don’t go through the same ordeal, you should make them aware of the practice of flossing.

This shouldn’t be all that difficult nowadays with all the advancements in the world of dental hygiene; for example, electric toothbrushes are very common these days.

Other than that, there are different kinds of floss like toothpick floss and the new, high-tech water flosser.

To gain more insight into the water flosser, you can check out the Best water flosser (oral irrigators) Reviews and Buyer’s Guide.


Here are tips on how you teach your kids to take care of their mouth’s health:

child learning to floss


The first thing you should do is give your child awareness about the importance of oral health.

Do not be too harsh; instead, be gentle in explaining how not brushing and flossing regularly can harm his or her teeth.

Tell your child that they could have dirty germs living in their teeth and making tiny holes if they eat too many sweets and do not brush after.

If your child is a soda fanatic, tell him or her how too much soda can begin to dissolve their teeth and make it very sensitive to hot and cold stimuli.

Get your kid flavored toothpaste to keep him or her interested.

If your child is below six years of age, you should prevent him or her from eating toothpaste while brushing (many kids do that) because it can make white, chalky spots appear on their teeth.

This condition is called fluorosis. 

You should also tell your child that if they do not take care of their teeth, their gums could start bleeding randomly as well.

dad show how to floss


Many children are unable to brush their teeth properly.

So even if they do it two or three times a day, it makes no difference since they are not getting all the right areas.

If possible, observe your kid when he or she is brushing and help out when you see them struggling.

Flossing is a slightly more difficult task.

You have to teach your id how to properly wrap the string around their fingers and rub it between their teeth and take out any food debris that is stuck.

You can also get flavored floss to make it more fun for him or her.

Using the new kinds of floss like the water flosser is much easier since they do not require a set technique to clean the teeth.

child using dental floss

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