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Fixer Upper: Moving Everything Out to the Conex Box

We’re back from soccer camp and resuming demolition of the house. Before we started, my dad had a 45′ conex box delivered.

While we were gone, someone came in and moved the conex box. Before we can begin demolition of the Great Room and the Laundry Room.

dad's house great room before

Everything my dad owns has to be moved outside to the conex box. It is still boxed up from his move to the East Coast and has been stored in the Great Room.

As I’ve said, nothing has been easy with this project, and moving the boxes will be no exception.

There is now wonky steps leading off the front porch, where the man caught them with a backhoe, and he removed ALL the concrete so we have a giant mud pit because it recently rained.

The mud pit is not just at the base of the stairs, it covers the ENTIRE area from the stairs to the conex box.

dad's house home remodel mud pit

My husband’s not a quitter, so he starts hauling all my dad’s possessions, one by one.

dad's house home remodel everything he owns

Meanwhile, the kiddos are working hard, picking up all the concrete chunks the man left behind from tearing up the concrete.

dad's house home remodel kids hauling cement chunks

Trust me, there are pieces of concrete that look like a miniature patio, that no one is going to be able to lift with mere mortal strength.

One more area to move out of, the laundry room at the very back of the house.

dads house home remodel looking at laundry room

The kiddos are taking a break. The heat index says it’s 107-degrees.

dad's house home remodel break time

A few more hours in and my husband falls through the kitchen floor. Thankfully, it was just his right leg, and he’s okay!

At the end of the day, my husband shares this video on sweat!

Be sure and check out the beginning, where you can see the house as it was bought.
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