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Fireplace Safety- Is Your Home Protected Against Potential Hazards?

Winters are not going anywhere. At least not now. So, ideally, to give your home a comfy feeling, you would have already made all the arrangements. Right? For instance,

  • Rugs: Check
  • Curtains Unfolded: Check
  • Insulation: Check
  • Heating system: Check

But, wait!

Did you safeguard your “home sweet home” from the potential fire hazards? Did you know that more than one-third of the home heating fires in the U.S. occur because of fireplaces or chimneys? I am sure that you would never want to put your family at risk. We’re not trying to frighten you. It’s data generated by the National Fire Protection Association.

Here’s what you need to do to avoid any fireplace incidents. So, let’s begin!

Fireplace with fire burning

Maintain Your Chimney

If you do not regularly use your fireplace, it’s better to get it cleaned or inspected before you put it into use. Why? Most of the fires result because of the chimneys that were left unclean. Since these spaces accumulate creosote, with temperatures rising in the fireplaces, the chances are that this might irk fire in the accumulated area.

Other than that, one should keep a check on any physical damages or any other issues that might hinder the safety of your home.

Switch to Electric Fireplaces

When you have children and pets at home, even if you try to supervise them all the time, it’s practically impossible to be alert at all times. So, if you ask experts how to baby proof fireplace, they will eventually ask you to switch to a tech-enabled fireplace.

Other than that, you can install a gate that will allow you to set a distance between the baby and the fireplace. Also, the same option will allow you to protect your baby against heat. Just consider a gate that is heavy enough so that your child won’t be able to put it aside.

This will allow you to protect your children easily. Further, you can also consider going for a hearth gate around your fireplace.

Keep The Area Clean

If you are still using traditional methods to light your fireplace, make sure to keep away extra logs, newspapers, or other flammable materials away from your fireplace. It would be great if you place a fireplace screen to avoid those sparking ambers or ash coming out of your fireplace.

Other than these, you must keep a fire extinguisher nearby and use only seasoned wood that’s cut in the right length. Make sure to close down the damper only when the area cools off completely. You can go one step further and install smoke detectors or alarms to enhance the safety of your loved ones and your home.

In The End,

The best advice would be never to leave your fireplace unattended. But with so many chores, it is highly unlikely that you can do that at all times. That’s why it’s better to switch to the tech-enabled options that you have today.

Other than that, remove the ash from your previous fire at all times before lighting the new stock again. But make sure that it is cool when you dispose of it. And never overload your fireplace with wood logs.

By taking these precautions, you’ll enhance the safety of your home and your loved ones simultaneously. So, are you doing it right? If not, hopefully, the tips mentioned above will help you safeguard your home the right way.

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