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Fingerlings Hugs It’s Probably on Your Child’s Wish List

We received a Fingerlings Hugs in exchange for this post. All opinions and our love for Fingerlings remain our own.

Since 2017 Fingerlings have been trending, after a limited edition unicorn, and my favorite, the sloth, to the original lineup earlier this year; WowWee Toys does it again with one of the most adorable Fingerlings yet, Fingerlings Hugs. Like the original version, Fingerlings Hugs is a massively favorite interactive toy that reacts to sound, motion, and touch. The difference? Fingerling Hugs are bigger, softer, and cuddlier than the smaller version of the interactive primates.

fingerlings hugs

Boris and Bella are the only two Fingerlings Hugs available. Bella is pink with blonde hair and her mate, Boris, has blue fur and orange hair. He’s the one we received.

Both Bella and Boris are characters from the original Fingerlings product line. The difference is Boris and Bella are approximately 18 inches in length from head to toe. They are the size of your average stuffed plush.

We all know Fingerlings were created to wrap around, and Boris and Bella are no different; while the originals wrap around fingers, HUGS are designed to wrap around necks, and hang in a perpetual hug. They do this with the help of Velcro on their hands.

Like their smaller brethren, Fingerlings Hugs operates on batteries (four LR44) and have a suite of actions.

  • To wake up the Fingerlings Hugs, you press the button in his left ear, and he springs to life with a cheerful “Hello!”
  • Press your nose against their cheek, and you’ll hear a kissing noise–the longer you linger, the longer the sound!
  • Shake a Hugs, and you’ll create farts and giggles.
  • Tickle their belly and hear their extended giggle.
  • Rock one from side to side and put it to sleep with closed eyes and heavy snoring.
  • Hold it upside down to hear them cackle.
  • Toss it up in the air or twirl it in a circle and hear a “Wheeeee!”
  • Pat him on the back, and they offer a variety of burping sounds, some small and hiccup-like and others, the full-on belch!
  • Hold the left hear, say something, and release, and the Fingerlings Hugs will repeat what you said in a high-pitched voice.

There are 40 different sounds to make Fingerlings Hugs come to life.

Think of Fingerlings Hugs as supersized — interactive, lovable pets in large plush form. They have the longest arms that are perfect for hugs and cuddles.

Fingerlings Hugs are recommended for children aged three and above.

Bella and Boris are the perfect company and ideal companions for snuggling, cuddling, laughing, and enjoying.

We hope WowWee Toys creates Fingerlings in more colors than the cliche pink and blue.

Fingerlings Hugs are the perfect gift for finding under the Tree and are probably already on a child’s wish list.

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