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 Choose the Right Swimsuit for Your Body

Women can look great in a swimsuit. When choosing the right swimsuit for your body, you need to understand your body type and base your purchase on your figure. Your body may belong to the following categories: small on top, big on top, straight figure, hourglass, petite, plus size, short legs, long body, or bottom-heavy.

Women may not notice it, but many make big mistakes when they buy a swimsuit for the bikini season. The mistake women most commonly make choosing the wrong swimsuit for their figures. Women have different body types, and not all one-piece swimsuits or bikinis will fit all of them. The best tip for choosing the right swimwear is to look at your body’s silhouette.

Small on top

You have a “small on top” figure if you have a smaller bust line, or have a body with narrow shoulders and wider hips. Swimsuits that create more details on the bust but with less embellishment at the bottom are perfect for you. Choose tops with padding or underwire or those with ruffles or big ribbons to enhance your bust line. You can also wear bandeau tops and choose separates.

Big on top

You have a “big on top” figure if you are busty or have broad shoulders, narrower hips, and a defined waistline. Go for tops with underwire for additional support. Halter-top bikinis, one-piece swimsuits with bust foams, and classic tanks will look good on you. Avoid swimwear that provides little coverage, like bandeau tops.

Straight figure

You have a “straight figure” if your shoulders, waist, and hips are of the same size. Choose swimsuits that define your waistline, like high-cut one-piece suits, or ones with a belted waistline. Also, go for swimwear that defines the hips, like bikinis with rings or ruffles. Avoid one-piece suits with horizontal stripes or with solid colors.


You have an “hourglass” figure if your waist is well-defined, and you have equally-sized bust and hips. This figure can fit any swimsuit. This body type looks great in brightly colored small bikinis and one-piece swimsuits.


You have a “petite” figure if you are less than 5’5″ tall and are either slender or curvy. Look for swimwear that elongates your legs, like high waist bottoms. Any top will fit this type of silhouette.

Plus size

You have a “plus-size” figure if you are curvy or have large breasts, large hips, and a big tummy. The best swimsuits for you are those that conceal the flab yet emphasize the curves, like tankinis or laced and V-neckline one-piece suits. Dark-colored swimwear is highly preferred.

Short legs

You have a “short legs” figure if you have a long body and short legs. The best swimsuits for you are those with high cuts on the thighs and with vertical stripes. This design helps elongate the legs. Skip the skirted bikinis and boy shorts.

Long legs

You have a “long legs” figure if you have a short torso and long legs. Look for swimsuits that emphasize your bust lines and hip, like ruffled and jewel-designed tops, boy shorts, or skirted bikinis.

Bottom heavy

You have a “bottom-heavy” figure if your hips are more full than your waist and bust line. Mini-skirted bikinis and wide-strapped or horizontal neckline one-piece maillots are just the perfect swimwear for you. Never go for boy shorts.

Determining your body type is the first step in choosing a swimsuit. The next time you shop, just remember some key elements, and you’ll be sure that your swimsuit will look great on you.

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