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Finding Better Health Through Chiropractic

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For many of us, we’re on a continuation of improving or maintaining our health. We have decided to take better care of ourselves. We set goals, make better food choices and increase our activity, but have you considered starting from the core of your being? The spine and nervous system may be the first step in discovering a healthier happy you.

The central nervous system is responsible for sending messages to every tissue, organ, cell, and system in your body. Communication is transmitted through your spinal neurological network. It’s a complex communication network that enables virtually every function in your body and determines good health or declining health and disease. It’s such an important part of who we are that it is housed in an armor of our spinal column and our skull.

Even with the protection, the nervous system sometimes is held hostage by interference, injury or disturbance. The damage to the nervous system is a subluxation. These damages threaten continued health and well-being.

Dr. Greg Speaks of Be Well explains  vertebral subluxation:

“You’ve got 24 bones in the spine and it’s called vertebral subluxation is when two of those bones get out of alignment and start pinching a nerve; causing muscle tightness, swelling around that nerve, inflammation, and anything that nerve goes to can be dysfunctional.”

Chiropractic focuses on the spine and function of the nervous system. It’s naturally gentle and effective way to get on a healthy path to you. In fact, its the fastest-growing, drugless healing profession and rated one of the safest forms of health care in the world.

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