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The Fashion Staple of Hollywood Regardless of Generation

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While there are many celebrities, like Jenna Dewan-Tatum, who protest fur and only wear or accessorize with faux, there are plenty of Hollywood stars who  LOVE fur. It seems to be a fashion staple that unites past and present A-listers. Perhaps, it is the idea that fur is a symbol of success, wealth and fashion.

marlene dietrich

Femme Fatale, Marlene Dietrich, in all her glamour, accessorized her alabaster complexion, slinking accent and svelte wardrobe with fur. Whether it was to compliment her beautiful face or those incredible legs, she wore it exquisitely!

elizabeth taylor

Her furs are almost as famous as Elizabeth Taylor, one of the world’s most famous film stars.  When her name is mentioned, most likely it will be for her acting, her violet eyes, beauty, many marriages or indulgent furs.

marilyn monroe

Marilyn Monroe. The name is enough. In 1955, Monroe took four of her personal furs to Bach-Cohen, Inc. in New York City for repairs and cleaning. Each item as memorable as Marilyn herself and a bill that tallied $97.50:

  • One White Ermine Coat, Insured Value $5,000 – Storage, Rips + tears repaired, Rhinestone buttons added, Cleaned, Glazed + Ironed.
  • One Ranch Mink Coat, Value 300 – Cleaned, Ironed + Glazed, storage
  • One Cloth Jacket with Sable Collar, Cleaned, Ironed + Glazed
  • One White Fox Muff, Cleaned, Ironed + Glazed

kim kardashian

While Khloe Kardashian is supporting PETA, sister, Kim, is wearing fur. In fact on March 22, 2012,  as Kim walked the red carpet to promote True Reflection, her signature fragrance, a woman flour bombed Kim Kardashian for wearing fur.

Kenye West and Amber Rose

Maybe fur is just another thing Kim Kardashian has in common with her new beau, Kanye West. He has been seen wearing fur jackets, hats, coats (like the one above where he’s pictured with Amber Rose), vests and more. He even has a song that he sings about fur!

lady gaga

One of the world’s most powerful celebrities, Lady Gaga, reportedly purchased a dark brown Barguzin Russian sable worth more than $200,000.

justin beiber

Justin Beiber seems to have transformed from boy-next-door to bad-boy. Media coverage reports about his bad week that seems to be continuing. Before he mutated, he proved he could rock any look, including his then girlfriend, Selena Gomez’s, fur coat.

It seems fur coats transform generations, are fashion statements and even in Hollywood, some wear them, and others don’t. It may be the most controversial fashion statement of our time.

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