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Façade Impressions – How to Impress Potential Homebuyers Before They Step Through the Door

Are you looking to sell your home? Has your home been on the market for some time and is not moving? If so, you have come to the right spot.

Selling a home can be stressful, especially if it is an older home that needs updates or has some slight damage. No one wants to take on another person’s problems, and that includes a fixer-upper home.

Learn how to impress potential homebuyers before they even step through the door with our simple, actionable tips.

beautiful home with curb appeal lights on at twilight and ground wet from rain

The Front of the Home 

The most important part of your home is the curb appeal. When a potential buyer drives past your house, you do not want them to be turned off by the sight of it. One way to impress buyers is with the front of the home. If your garage is prominent, make sure to have garage door installation performed before putting the house on the market.

A simple change such as a new garage door or a manual to an electric garage door will make all the difference in selling your home to a buyer. In addition to a beautiful new garage door, make sure to power wash your home before putting it up on the housing market. A clean exterior house will go a long way in the minds of buyers.


According to, The next item to be aware of is the spaciousness of your front yard. Do you have a bunch of things sitting on the front porch? Is there stuff sitting by the garage? If so, be sure to move these items indoors or to the back of the home. Buyers want to see a front yard with space for kids and pets to play in. Items clog up the front yard (sheds, fences, birdbaths, overgrown shrubs, etc…) can make the property look small and claustrophobic and make buyers look elsewhere.


The outside of your home can make or break the sale of your house. While most sellers worry about staging the home’s inside for a buyer to see and smell the best of their home, they tend to forget about the outside world.

Make sure your grass is cut and does not have dead spots. Consider trimming up all the branches of the trees so they are not overhanging on the roof or touching the home in any way. Trim up shrubs and bushes so they do not have an overgrown look. Lastly, weed out your flowers and add new pine straw or mulch to make the colors pop.


 Another aspect that buyers look at on the outside of your home is the lighting. People tend to like a lot of natural light to come into their windows. Make those front windows prominent by cleaning both the inside and outside of the windows. Have the blinds or curtains open to show the spaciousness of the home. If you have any motion detectors or lighting in the garage, make sure it is in good working condition, as buyers will like the safety and security that extra outdoor lighting brings them.

Why is Curb Appeal so Crucial to Selling a home?

 Curb appeal is the first impression of your home. If a buyer drives up and sees an unkempt exterior, they are going to think the same of the inside. They may even cancel their viewing because of the dilapidation of the home’s surface.

Solutions to exterior problems exist, such as installing new doors, including the garage door. Power washing the house before putting it on the market increases curb appeal. You can also put away any excess items in the front yard and perform some landscaping before the buyer views the home. By doing these small fixes, you could have your home sold in a few days!

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