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Elementary Science Fair Project Ideas

Get the Judges Attention with these Science Fair Projects

Elementary science fair projects that are sure to attract judges include topics on Zoology, Astronomy, Meteorology, Physics, Botany, and Food Science projects.

You can make your science fair project attractive to judges through your display and most importantly with your methodology. You also have to make sure that the project is choose is feasible for your level and can be displayed neatly and creatively. Here are some cool elementary science fair project ideas that judges will surely find attractive:

Zoology Science Projects

Do you love animals? Then you can study about them. You can start with your pet or end up working about creepy insects. These projects are great to work on not only because the materials and resources are easy to find, but also because they are so interesting that you will really love to study about them. Once you have full interest in your work, then you can easily bring out the best in your science fair project. You can have cool projects such as the following:

•Is a cat smarter than a dog?
•How do lost animals find their way home?
•Why do spiders make webs and how do they do it?

You can also find other cool project ideas as well as tips in making your project successful at online sources such as Kid’s Super Science Fair Projects eBook.

Astronomy Science Projects

If you want to have a cool display, you’ll never go wrong with an Astronomy Science Project. One of the factors that make an attractive project is to have a creative and neat display. Examples of great Astronomy projects include:

•How do planets orbit the sun?
•Why do stars twinkle?
•What are the so-called falling stars?

Meteorology Science Projects

Another equally interesting science fair topic is Meteorology. Everybody talks about the weather. Maybe it’s time you understand it and spread the knowledge to other students. Judges will find it interesting to discover your interest in such things that matters so much to us, but we actually forget to truly understand the true nature of these things. Here are some fascinating ideas:

•Creating a fog in a bottle.
•How is a lightning formed?
•What causes a snow?
Physics Science Projects

A fun yet truly compelling science fair project is one that deals with physics. If you love some action and some experimenting, this has to be the topic for you. Make sure your display clearly speaks of your experiment as well as the important findings, so that the judges will love it. Some projects you can consider are:

•What are the fruits that float and sink in the water? What makes them float or sink?
•How can we bend light?
•How does a parachute work?

Botany Science Projects

Botany science projects are also equally interesting to consider. The flowers, the plants, and the trees may be very amusing to look at, but are very complicated to understand. Dare to find out the answers to some questions and impress your judges and the class. Here are great projects you can work on:

•Are bees healthy for plants?
•How can you tell the age of the trees?
•What are the effects of acid rain in seed germination?
Food Science Projects

You might get burdened thinking about all the branches of science for an impressive science fair project. Do not forget that there are more interesting topics to choose from. Just think about the food you eat. For sure there are many questions that come into your mind when you eat your food. You formulate the question that bothers or interests you and your colleagues. Find the answers to it and share your technique as well as your answers clearly to impress the judges.

Examples of such projects include the following:

•Why do cakes grow when baked?
•Does a fruit ripen faster when placed in the refrigerator? How about in the open air?
•What are the conditions that affect the popping of the popcorn inside the microwave oven?
Aside from coming up with a really interesting idea, you have to present your project as correctly as instructed and as creatively as possible to make your project attractive to the judges. You must adhere to the scientific method as well as prepare an attractive display. Finally, you have to make sure you fully understand your project so that you will be able to answer questions that judges might ask during the interview. As long as you do your work wholeheartedly, you are sure to make a great science fair project.

Disclosure: I received no monetary compensation for this post.

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