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Duck Tape® Not Just for MacGyver Anymore!

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This post brought to you by Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine.

Duck Tape®. It holds the world together. From DIY fix-it's to craft projects, Duck Tape® has changed a lot since I was a kiddo. I remember my dad used it for everything. Back then it came in primer grey. These days my kiddos come home asking if we can buy Duck Tape at Walmart to make something!

Walmart has a full assortment of Duck Tape® for back to school, with availability in the Paint Department and the Craft Department. From friendship bracelets to folder design Duck Tape® can be incorporated into your Walmart back to school shopping lists.

Just in case you didn’t know all the amazing things you can do with Duck Tape®, listen up! You can use Duck Tape® to create, embellish and decorate! You can make things for teachers as welcome gifts! You can make a custom name plate for your children’s desk or classroom cubby. Older students can cover their books in paper bags and embellish/decorate/customize with Duck Tape®! Or maybe a customized Duck Tape® mirror for the middle schoolers locker?

If you are a homeschool parent or parent of a not-quite school age yet children, you can get your school supplies at Walmart and create lots of learning opportunities using Duck Tape®. 

  • cut Duck Tape® into shapes and have your children learn shapes 
  • use Duck Tape® to create a colorful learning wall

Duck Tape® is a creative and inexpensive tool for both teachers, students, and they are only limited to their imagination!

I am so loving this Duck Tape® tote from TRAYdesigns Etsy Shop

Duck Tape Tote


I LOVE the bright colors and the weave is so fun!

Halloween is my favorite holiday and it's quickly approaching. Last year my kiddos used Duck Tape® to cover a box for the candy. It was awesome! They loved going to the door and showcasing the candy in the box they made!

Halloween box

IT was a super easy project. They simply did rows of a base print and then cut squares from the other Duck Tape®  color and placed on the box to make a "basket" weave.

From Back to School, Home repairs, candy bowls and more – using Duck Tape® will add some “life” to your celebration. With all the color choices and patterns, it is easy to get creative and make fun projects in just minutes. 

Truly Duck Tape® is no longer just for MacGyver! It's changing the way we look and craft. It's durable, waterproof and STICKS! 

While you're completing your Walmart back-to-school shopping list, be sure and pick up a couple of rolls of Duck Tape® . Turn the kids lose to decorate their binders, backpacks, pencils and folders. 

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