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10 Reasons Why Your Dryer Stopped Spinning

What are you going to do when the dryer stopped spinning?

It pays a lot when you know the reason why it suddenly stopped working.

Having some knowledge of these reasons can help you identify the problem before calling a professional technician.

This way, you wouldn’t be left in the dark when the technician tells you that some parts need to be replaced.

front loading dryer with door open next to launder hamper with yellow clothes

10 Reasons Why Your Dryer Stopped Spinning

Worn out roller axles.

If one or more drum roller axles are worn out, it wouldn’t spin freely.

If it doesn’t spin, the motor will work harder, so the dryer stops automatically.

To check if they’re worn out, get rid of the belt first and turn the drum manually.

If the drum rollers are spinning well without wobbling, it is still working fine.

However, if you noticed that it wobbles, it needs to be replaced.

If one of the rollers is not working, it’s better to replace all of them.

It is a preventive measure that needs to be done to increase efficiency and save more on your dryer.

front loading dryer with dry clothes inside

Broken drive belt.

The drive belt is a common part of dryers.

It wraps around the drum, motor pulley, and idler pulley.

The belt is what makes the drum rotate and makes the clothes tumble during drying.

With prolonged use, the belt can break.

A broken belt can stop the dryer from working.

To check if the belt is worn out, turn the drum by hand.

It is broken when the drum spins very well.

Has your dryer inspected by a certified technician?

Broken drive belts must be replaced at once.

Worn out drum roller.

Dryers can stop working when one or more of the drum rollers are damaged.

Usually, dryers contain two drum support rollers in front and two at the back.

Check if the rollers are spinning freely.

If it doesn’t spin correctly, the motor will work harder, causing the dryer to stop.

Damaged drive motor.

The drive motor is what causes the blower wheel and the dryer’s drum to work.

A damaged motor can stop dryers from working.

It can also cause a humming noise due to a switch on the motor or bad winding.

To check, take out the belt from the motor.

Check if there is an obstruction in the blower wheel.

If nothing hinders it, it may probably need replacement.

Faulty thermal fuse.

The thermal fuse protects your dryer from overheating.

If the dryer stops functioning, one reason may be a faulty thermal fuse.

It is one of the usual reasons why dryers stop working.

When it’s not working, it is basically due to a clogged dryer vent.

The thermal fuse is located on the dryer’s heat source.

It should run in a closed circuit.

The dryers stop when the circuit is broken.

The easiest way to check it is by using a multimeter tester. Replace it when it shows no continuity.

young woman reaching into front loading dryer

Start switch not working.

A faulty start switch can, of course, prevent the dryer from working.

To check, turn on the dryer.

The switch is working if you hear humming, but it doesn’t start. 

If you turn on the dryer, but it doesn’t do anything, check its continuity.

Replace the switch if there’s no continuity.

Damaged main control board.

This is usually the main issue when dryers are not working.

The most common way to spot that it is damaged is when there are signs of burning or short-circuit.

woman stressed about the amount of laundry she has to do

The timer is not working.

The timers of dryers don’t usually break.

However, if all the parts have been tested and are not yet working, it is possibly the reason.

Power problem.

One of the main reasons why your dryer is not working is power.

It’s easy to check this by simply unplugging the dryer.

Plug other appliances into the electric outlet.

If the appliance is not working, the fuse or the circuit breaker may have some issues.

Use a multimeter tester to monitor the outlet.

Door switch malfunction.

The door switch produces a clicking sound when you close the dryer’s door.

With the sound, it means that it’s functioning.

If you hear no sound when after shutting the door, it may be at fault.

It needs replacement in order for the dryer to work.

These are the most common reasons why dryers don’t spin.

It should provide you with an idea of why your own dryer doesn’t spin before calling a professional technician.

With these insights, you’ll be back to your favorite laundry hacks.


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