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Why Many Homeowners Turned to DIY Projects as a Way of Dealing With the Pandemic

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Many homeowners learned after sheltering in place how their living space is no longer ideal for the new normal. The more time we spend at home, the more flaws we find in our homes. Even the little things we usually don’t kind too much now sticks like an eyesore. Some people would think that home improvements are a waste of time and investment. But for most homeowners, this is actually a good time to tackle home improvement.

According to news, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) home improvements surged during the pandemic. Homeowners are doing this not just to ensure the safety and integrity of their property. Many had other valid reasons to do this, like the following.

Boost Home Value

There are projects one can take to boost the value of their property. This involves choosing projects with a higher return on investment. Many homeowners want to make sure the value of their property continues to rise along with the inflation rate.

During the crisis, home prices surged after buyers flock to the market. Renters wanting to finally buy their own place and real estate investors wanted to take advantage of the low mortgage rates. The high demand and low supply of houses for sale led to the increased prices of properties.

Even homeowners who were initially planning to sell their homemade the decision to wait. They would rather stay in their houses a little longer just to leverage on the rising home prices. In the meantime, they opted to improve their homes to further boost their property values.

Knowing they get to increase the price of their home in the future gave homeowners better peace of mind. They look forward to selling their properties at a better price. This then gives them the confidence that they can better build wealth through future sales.

Senior Caucasian woman working on woodworking home DIY project.

Ensure comfort, physical health, and sanity

Many people turned to remote work while their kids had no choice but to study from home. With the whole family spending more time sheltering in place, they want to make sure everyone’s physical health and safety. Some turned to home improvements but chose to do the DIY approach.

Homeowners turned to DIY projects like giving extra rooms a makeover to make way for remote learning and work. Others turned to kitchen and bathroom renovations to boost their family’s health. Some even started a vegetable garden and made space for a home gym for better health and fitness.

There are also homeowners who wanted to boost their home’s safety by turning to projects that will better boost home security. These include residential gates and fences, smart home security systems, and smart locks. With the whole family home, they want to get to ensure no uninvited visitors will through their property.

Instead of hiring professional contractors, they chose to DIY instead. Some homeowners were confident about their skills and wanted to save money. Others are afraid of letting outsiders into their property for fear of contracting the virus.

Contractors follow health and safety measures to give their customers confidence. But when you live with someone who is a part of the population at greater risk of developing severe complications from the virus, it becomes a must that extra precautions are observed. This is another reason why they chose to buy tools and materials and DIY home projects instead.

Reduce Mental Stress

The pandemic caused many people to experience mental health issues. More people are now suffering from stress, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. For homeowners, they found DIY home improvements to be actually therapeutic.

If one is not careful with their project, this can lead to unnecessary expenses. Renovating a house can also be physically, mentally, and emotionally stressful. But with the pandemic, homeowners found comfort with improving their homes.

Home improvements gave homeowners a reason to take their eyes off the news even for a little while. They finally found an activity they can focus on and have control over. Instead of stressing about how many people are suffering during the pandemic, they would rather focus on their project and have more productive days.

Since we now spend more time at home, we get to see the things we could tackle. We have more time to make our living space better fit our new lifestyle. What used to be a space for sleeping, bonding, and recreation turned into the family’s school, office, gym, etc.

Whenever we finish a DIY home improvement project, we get that sense of accomplishment. It also helps boost our confidence which many people lost during the crisis. Some even found that they have a knack and skill in DIY projects and are now planning to turn this into a business opportunity.

Home improvements became homeowners’ go-to scapegoat during the crisis. They turned to DIY projects to, boost property value and home safety. Many are into projects that will help improve their physical health, reduce their mental stress, and aid their sanity. These go to show how homeowners try to cope during the Covid-19 crisis and how DIY home improvements are actually helping them thrive during these trying times.

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