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Different Types of Pallet Racks to Maximize Your Storage Space

Warehouses, cold storage chains, and other such requirements call for efficient storage solutions. Material handling industries and storage solutions build several types of racking systems, called pallet racking, and supply across Brisbane, Gold Coast, and many other areas around your locality. Choosing the right pallet system can make a huge difference because storage is all about space management.

Shelving system/pallet rack with pallets in distribution warehouse

Efficient Design: Efficient Business

Because a good design of pallet racks can save as much as 40% space, the numbers turn out huge profits as the area increases. Or just the reverse, resulting in huge operating costs. Whether you must choose selective pallet racks because of affordability or something more versatile should depend on a set of factors. Here we discuss the most common type of pallet racks that can maximize the use of storage spaces.

1. Selective Pallet Racks

2. Double Deep Racks

3.Push-Back or back Racking

4.Compact Pallet Racks

5. Pallet Flow

6. Drive-Through or Drive-in Pallets

7. Cantilever or Roll Formed Pallets

The above list shows some of the most commonly found pallet racking systems.

There may be some hybrid combinations of them as well.

Racking systems are often subject to changes because it is desirable to have that kind of flexibility. Because flexibility means easier space management, all businesses desire this feature as a go-to solution.

Selective & Double Deep Pallet Racks

A double-deep rack is one of the best racking systems you can find at your nearest pallet racking supplier. This involves creating much deeper racks by placing one row of a selective rack in front of another. Because of such an arrangement, this leads to an increase in storage space utilization by up to 40%. This increase in terms of volume makes deep-racking pallets a popular choice among warehouses and storage solutions. For installations, contact your nearest supplier today.

This derives directly from an even more popular racking system called Selective Pallet Racking. This is a form of racking where installations are much simpler and faster than others. Therefore, storage experts view it in good light. It is a basic form of rack installation and is preferred because of three things: flexibility, simplicity, and affordability. These three form the strongest advocates of Selective Racks.

They are practically everywhere. You can find them at shopping marts because they are great for handling food. They are good for retail businesses. Because of these features, they are applicable for all general-purpose warehousing, manufacturing, and retailing requirements.

Next, one must also consider the cleaning, management, and modification of such racks. If you remember our point on versatility and flexibility above, Selective and Double-Deep pallets are relatively better in all these aspects.

In short, they offer the following benefits.

• Efficient storage options.

• Easily accessible through limited spaces using just a forklift.

• Great resistance to debris and easy to clean and maintain.

• An ideal form of food handling at shopping marts.

Push Back Pallet Racking Systems

Here, the pallets sit on carts up to 5 feet deep that can slide sideways, forward, or backward. As the front pallet goes off, the rear ones come forward. This is usually the case for refrigerated foods, beverages, medicines, etc. Refrigerated units at groceries also follow this kind of racking. So, next time you visit, check the ice cream or meat section because that is where you shall find them.

• In this push-back pallet racking, the pallets add and remove from one aisle to another.

• It reduces the picking times. Because of this, they are ideal for applications that need a large number of picking points.

• Ideal for food-centric operations, general warehousing, retail, and groceries.

Pallet Flow Systems

Such tracking systems are useful because they work with the assistance of gravity. The pallet flow racks, or flow racks, utilize sloping paths. They are the physical embodiment of first-in-first-out or FIFO systems. In loading and removing packages, flow racks are very competent. New pallets go at the top and are removed from the lower end. Because of this arrangement, they can double or triple the capacity compared to drive-in or conventional racking systems such as selective racking.

• Ideal for freezer warehouses, cold storage chains, and high-volume storage facilities.

• Mostly implemented for perishable consumer goods, grocery, retail, and food.

Drive Through Pallet Racks

This form of racking requires a few aisles because it can store up to 75% more pallets in the same space. Because these racks can also go up to 6 pallets deep, they have a common entry-exit point. As a result, they are useful for high-density storage solutions.


Pallet racks involve several types of rack management systems. They have been used for affordable installation and are known for ease of modification. Some are known for the ease of operation, pick and place, and materials-specific requirements. The pallet racking systems cover most warehousing demands of today’s storage facilities. They are quite capable of transforming the future of racks.

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