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Designer Tips On How To Make Your Kitchen Comfortable And Functional

Have you ever wondered how much time each of us spends in the kitchen? If you’re planning a renovation in this room, it’s time to think about it. The kitchen layout, as many believe, is only essential for the hostess. But imagine the situation: after a hard day’s work, the head of the family wants to have dinner at the TV, and the hostess must quickly prepare dishes and set the table. She rushes between the stove and the refrigerator, and the children get confused under their feet, asking to check their homework or play with them. The family is assembled, and everyone pushes in a packed room because someone must get ketchup out of the fridge, while others want to sit at the table as soon as possible.

Architecturally designed kitchen and living area

How to make the kitchen comfortable and functional

For a small kitchen, such a situation is a typical evening in the circle of relatives. And the more such evenings, the more they are exhausted because a small, the poorly organized room will become annoying sooner or later. Let’s try to figure out how to make the kitchen comfortable and functional to avoid such a situation.

Tip one: think over the furniture layout in advance

To understand how to make the kitchen comfortable, plan the space. Perhaps most problems disappear during this advice.

Write down, or better, draw a detailed plan of furniture placement, and take as an example a photo of a comfortable kitchen that you will like. However, consider the size of the room and its configuration when looking at the photo.

After you decide on the convenient location of furniture in the kitchen, carefully take measurements. If you want to buy a modular kitchen set, it is simply necessary. Usually, it is a set of sections which you can choose and install in your kitchen. The modules are very compact. In addition, the manufacturers will surely provide you with a wide range of options.

When buying the headset, pay attention to the following points:

In which direction do the doors of the hinged lockers open? If your height is about 170 cm, then lockers with hinged doors will suit you. People above 180 cm should choose doors with a special elevator mechanism that opens upwards. With them, you will have a much less chance of hitting.

Be interested in the quality of fittings because it is better not to save money. Furniture with cheap fittings will not last long.

Tip two: place the working triangle correctly.

Few people know about it, but almost all later regret that they did not think about how to design a comfortable kitchen. The working triangle is composed of three main points:

• stove,

• sink,

• fridge or dining table.

No interior of a comfortable kitchen can not do without these items. All of them should form an isosceles triangle so that the hostess does not waste extra effort and time, making a lot of unnecessary movements.

Thinking over how to make a comfortable small kitchen, try to arrange the items so that a compact working area is formed. For example, the refrigerator is often taken out of the room, then the sink and stove should be placed on the same line, and the third corner in the working area will be the dining table.

Be sure to observe the optimal distance between the parts of the triangle: it should not exceed one and a half meters. At the same time, the working surface should always remain between them.

Tip three: use the extra space

Unfortunately, only a few people turn to designers or for help planning a convenient location of furniture in the kitchen. Most try to find their own design talent, sometimes leading only to errors.

You will surely find a few meters of free space in your small kitchen that could be used wisely. For example, a large window sill can be used as a work surface or a dining table.

If the kitchen space is very small, putting a full table on one of the walls is not necessary. Instead, you can adapt the original tabletop with a folding leg mounted on brackets. It is enough just to lift it up, and the dining table is ready. Lower the structure parallel to the wall. You can create additional space for all family members.

One more tip, which will be superfluous in the interior of a comfortable kitchen: floor locker doors can also be used as additional space.

Now you know how to conveniently and competently arrange the kitchen. Beautiful kitchens in the pictures are just well-designed works of designers. And they are not always practical. Our tips will help you create a stylish, comfortable, and ergonomic kitchen of your dreams.

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