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Delightful Daisy Design Feature

This morning my six year old shared with me her school work…pages she had tucked aside to reveal this morning because they were her “best work”. My 20-year old will tell you I’m a stickler for good handwriting. It’s true. I love the letters of the alphabet. I love how they can be simple and yet fourish with personality.

Janna Smith of McEwen, Tennessee loves the alphabet also! So much in fact that she opened Delightful Daisy–a shop with a name that sounds positive and happy, like Janna, and reflects her love for…yep! Daisies!

It took some coaxing, but many of her friends recognized her talent and encouraged her to start her business…she “took a leap of faith!” and as they say, “the rest is history”!

Janna has a passion for crafting. “I have always enjoyed crafting in one form or another. I especially enjoy stamping and card making. The techniques I used on my cards, I soon realized, could also be used in other areas of crafting. My tile coasters and personalized frames are results of these overlapping techniques.”

Growing up, I lived near Asheville, North Carolina–not too far from Janna. It was a culture shock, but I came to appreciate the people…people who were deep in their faith. Perhaps it’s these same roots that set Delightful Daisy Design apart from others. “Many of my coasters and frames are inspirational. I truly believe the majority of people in our nation want to express their faith and belief in God — especially during these trying times when we so desperately need Him. My creations allow people to share their faith with others.

As her stamping became larger and her inventory expanded, when asked, “What has been your absolute favorite creation?” Janna reflected, “Oh, that’s a tough one! Probably my favorite creation would be the framed monogram with the hot pink bow.  I LOVE hot pink and I LOVE polka dots! The combination makes me happy!”

Steeped in Southern Hospitality, Janna enjoys making others happy. She loves what she does and says “Creating is something that comes from within. I literally feel the NEED to create. I often share my creations with others just to brighten their day. This is very rewarding!”

Her love for people and all things beautiful carry over into her creating process, “As I create, I give a lot of consideration to the colors that I use. On my coasters, I especially like the look of brown ink. It is so clean and simple. With my frames, on the other hand, I like to use vibrant colors that complement each other.”

Janna is truly a woman I admire after learning she “works full time as a kindergarten teacher. Five and six-year old children are so eager to learn! There is never a dull moment!” I can vouch for never a dull moment as I have a Kindergartner!

An inner giggle happened when I learned that Janna would “love to know how to paint!” Our roads were joined at some point when we were both watching “Bob Ross on the public television channel.” I confess, I have to agree with Janna when she says, “He always made painting look so easy and fun!”

My Kindergartner wears me out, I can’t imagine having a classroom of them, so I asked Janna when she found time to craft. She answered, “I get up early and stay up late! (*wink*)”

There are no BIG stars in the sky holding Janna’s future. her family is her greatest accomplishment and ten years from now, what she sees is “I see myself as happy and content with life!”

It’s this positivity and happy nature that have fostered her love for a wonderful man of 21 years. They have two children, a daughter who will be 17 this month and a son, who just turned 13. They live in a small town and enjoy their quiet life!

You can view Janna’s work at Delightful Daisy Design.


Disclosure: No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post. The opinions above are my own and were not in any way influenced by the sponsor. Other’s experience may vary.

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