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Decorating Your Bedroom in Happy Blues

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Have you ever thought about why people call gloom and despair “the blues?” This use of the word “blues” has been around for centuries in everything from art to music to psychology. Yet, blue isn’t always associated with sadness. It can be a pleasant, carefree color. Here are some tips for decorating your bedroom in happier shades of blue.

bedroom in happy blues

Decorating Your Bedroom in Happy Blues

Recreate Happy Beach Memories

Beach-themed bedrooms aren’t just for seaside bungalows. You can recreate your favorite beach memories anywhere, from landlocked states to the coldest climates in the world. Medium bright blues are the right shade to call to mind those lazy days under an azure sky lit up by a brilliant sun.

Start by painting your bedroom in white or light, airy blue. Add a white or light-colored cottage style bedroom set. You can find out what people are saying about them by reading customer reviews. Then, you can add medium blues in the bedding and drapes. Choose accessories that combine a blue background with beach-themed patterns in primary reds or yellows. Set up a beach umbrella in the corner to complete the effect.

Think Baby Blue

Blue has been considered the right color for baby boys for decades. But, did you know that blue was once the go-to color for baby girls? Whether your child is a boy or girl, pastel blues make a beautiful backdrop for a young child’s bedroom. Choose a light blue paint for the walls or use wallpaper with designs suitable for their age.

Now, you can move on to furnishing the room. A white convertible crib or toddler bed, or a light-colored bunk bed for a slightly older child, is a good starting point. Add the other pieces of furniture you need for the child, keeping in mind the light, pastel look. For bedding and curtains, you can choose from a wide array of prints featuring blue, such as alphabet block, cute baby animal, or fluffy cloud designs.

Conjure Up Springtime

“Blue skies ahead” is a way of saying you’re hopeful about what will come next. Spring brings the same kind of optimistic feeling as nature renews itself. If you love how you feel in spring, make that your bedroom theme. Paint the walls with the same light, sunny blues you see in the springtime skies. Now, you’re ready to bring in the spring.

Designs that feature flowers in vibrant colors look great against this simple background. Look for flowered bedding or wall décor that has large, lovely flowers. Tulips are especially popular as spring blooms. Add some solid-color bright pastel throw cushions to complete the look.

You’ll find many different types and styles of white, light-colored, or blue bedroom sets from a furniture company that has a wide selection. Once you have the walls the color you like them, move in the ideal bedroom set for the theme. Then, brighten it up with bedding and accessories that bring out the happiest blues in the world. You may never use the word “blue” for sadness again!

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