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Danny the Dragon DVD Review

“Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy”
DVD Review

Over the course of the past month, I have shared our review of Danny the Dragon “Meets Jimmy” book and CD, today I am excited to share with you our experience with Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy DVD.

You may recall that  Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy is the first to be released in the Danny the Dragon Series.

It’s a story about a boy named “Jimmy” whom while at the beach with his family meets a dragon named “Danny”.

The story unfolds into a wonderful journey of friendship with a very delicate approach to good manners.

Once again, Tina Turbin provides a great learning tool for my children to learn compassion and utilize their imagination and curiosity.

The Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy is the CD and Book all in one.

While it is not animated, my children were fascinated by the live full-sign language on the right side of the screen.

I dare say they watched it with deep interest.

It was a wonderful opportunity for us to discuss how fortunate we are to have working ears and talk about various types of reading such as how we read, how the blind read braille and the deaf read what the woman to the right of the pictures is doing–sign language.

This opened a wonderful conversation and we even took some time to learn some basic sign language.

The DVD has the voice of Tina Turbin, the author.

I find her voice to be very soothing and enjoyable.

There are some great sound effects that seem to make the still picture, rather than animation, come alive from the screen.

The pictures displayed are the same illustrations from the book, Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy.

The illustrator Aija Jasuna does a wonderful portrayal of a friendly dragon and characters.

I really enjoyed the simplicity of this video.

It was calming and my children have enjoyed it many times.

It has opened their eyes to the awareness of different reading mediums and captured their hearts through the delightful characters.

The DVD is available at Amazon, or you may order it directly at the official Danny the Dragon website.

It’s scheduled for release in April 2010.

About the Author: Tina Turbin is a mother herself to three children.


She is a humanitarian, writer and advocate for celiac disease. 

You can visit her website Tina Turbin or her informative website dedicated to all things gluten free.
Disclosure: No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post. I was sent the product mentioned above by the sponsor for review purposes. The opinions above are my own and were not in any way influenced by the sponsor. Other’s experience may vary

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