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Creating the Perfect Cocktail Party at Home

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One can have a huge amount of fun at a cocktail party, and that’s equally true for the people throwing it as those attending.

However, there are several ways to make it an even more memorable occasion for everyone involved.

One of the best methods involves taking a little more control over the refreshments.

One normally has quite a few tasks involved with setting up a party at home.

various cocktails being held up for toast

Quite a bit of the planning process comes down to minimizing the total work needed for any given aspect of the event.

But what people often forget is that sometimes it’s not an intuitive process.

Forgoing outside help and doing something oneself can actually save both time and money.

And in the case of making one’s own cocktails, even make the event, as a whole, much more entertaining.

Of course, the first time around things will require some extra effort.

A good place to begin is simply asking what is triple sec?

This might seem like a simple question with a simple answer, but as one delves into it, the full parade of a well-made cocktail party becomes apparent.

Triple sec serves as an excellent base for any number of possible creations.

One can almost think of it as a catalyst.

In chemistry, a catalyst is any substance that creates an active reaction within mixtures.

In mixology, triple sec serves a similar purpose.

It provides one with the base taste upon which some remarkable creations can grow.

Next up, one should have a basic understanding of every cocktail on the menu.

One doesn’t need an exhaustive amount of experience.

But some basic familiarity will provide one with the ability to judge how guests will enjoy the event.

4 different types of cocktails for cocktail party

After all, it’s not just about making a great cocktail.

It’s also about providing guests with an enjoyable evening.

Part of this involves giving them options that will allow them to comfortably reach out past their comfort zone.

This means knowing how a wide variety of cocktails should taste.

But along with this, it means knowing how to make some of the more common cocktails.

This ensures that guests will always have safe options to fall back on, and it ensures that those options will more than meet their expectations.

It’s best to begin by simply considering what cocktails the guests are familiar with.

This is obviously quite a bit easier with friends and family than it is with general acquaintances, but it’s usually not hard to make a general guess.

From there, one should begin looking into every ingredient.

4 colorful cocktails on bar ready for cocktail party

One important point to note when taste testing is that cocktails usually exist as a balance between sweet and sour.

A sour or sweet base influences what the main feel of the final drink will become.

This is also why lemons and limes are a vital ingredients to have on hand when making cocktails.

They allow for one to more carefully tweak a drink’s flavor between the two points.

Oranges serve a similar function.

However, they bring an additional benefit from their interaction with alcohol.

Oranges are especially well suited to masking the taste of alcohol.

This makes it a perfect way to have higher percentages of alcohol without the cocktail sacrificing any flavor.

And of course, sugar also gives one the ability to quickly tweak a cocktail’s taste profile.

There is one ingredient that’s easy to forget, though. People often forget to prepare enough ice.

The cold chill of ice can change the feeling of any beverage, but in addition, it also adds a certain visual flair which changes an audience’s expectations for the drink.

Those subjective elements are one of the least appreciated but most important points in any taste test.

One should also consider just how much emphasis the overall selection will place on alcohol.

People usually consider cocktails to be primarily about the alcoholic content.

But as the New York Times recently pointed out, this hasn’t always been the case.

table with orange mimosa cocktails each garnished with a red strawberry

In fact, lower alcohol content can aid in the cocktail’s overall taste, in part, simply due to the fact that alcohol brings a somewhat overwhelming flavor with it, but also because lower alcohol content makes it easier for one to taste test without concern over intoxication.

But whatever the alcohol content, the main point is that guests get what they expect.

In the end, one should hope to expand the guest’s horizons.

That begins by fulfilling their hopes and expectations.

With that in mind, one can host a great cocktail party.

The variety and novelty of making one’s own drinks should instantly make it a memorable event.

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