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The Complete Guide to Keep the Floor Clean

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Untidy floors are not a pleasant sight, and having dirt on the floor also ends up making the rest of the house dirty as well. Leaving kids on a floor that is not clean can be a dangerous risk, as there can be a plethora of germs that can get into their body from the floor and make them sick.  Dust on the floor tends to scratch the smoothness of the floor, damages the protective coating, and also ends up harming the fibers of the carpet. The best way is to maintain a regular cleaning habit so that you don’t end up ruining all the money that you’ve invested in the floor and carpet.

The complete guide to keep the floor clean,Want your floors to last? The key is to keep them clean. This is particularly true for wood floors, but it applies to other types as well.

The Complete Guide to Keep the Floor Clean

Carpet cleaning

The best way to keep the carpets clean in order to ensure their long life is to follow three basic steps:

  1. Regular vacuuming: Buy a good quality vacuum cleaner and make a habit of regularly vacuuming even if you don’t see a lot of dirt accumulated. This will ensure that all the dirt and other tiny things like bits of paper, hair, etc. get cleaned regularly. While it is necessary to daily vacuum the carpets of the living room, you can skip a day or two in the case of guest rooms which are not that frequently used daily.
  2. Immediately treat stains and spills: This is another important point to be kept in mind to have a neat and clean carpet. The best way is to scratch off the spilled material from the carpet, but make sure not to use a knife as it can damage your carpet. Now let it dry and try to vacuum out the spilled area as much as possible. Once you’ve done this, apply some good quality strain-remover on the area to finally get rid of the strain.
  3. Yearly deep cleaning of the carpet: It is important to get a yearly cleaning done by professionals to ensure the best results and longer life of the carpet. However, if you’re too tight on the budget, then you can also manage by cleaning the carpet on your own.

Cleaning hard-floor surfaces

The key point is routine cleaning while dealing with cleaning carpets and hard floors. Following points can be beneficial for you to ensure a clean floor:

  1. The first and the important point is to maintain a “shoes-off” policy in your home so that the unwanted dirt from outside can be prevented from entering the house.
  2. Keeping doormats is also helpful in getting rid of the unwanted dirt from the streets that gets tracked onto carpets, floors, and other household items.
  3. Sweep and mop regularly to ensure a clean and nice-looking floor. However, it is important to keep in mind that excessive use of detergents and other cleaning chemicals can end up making the floors dull and more susceptible to dirt.
  4. Vacuum regularly to remove all the dirt and abrasive girt from the surface of the floor. Make sure to use a good quality vacuum cleaner that can suck out all the unwanted dust from the floors.
  5. Just like with carpets, the spills and stains on the floor surfaces also need immediate attention as they can end up causing a lot of damage to the floor. Make sure to use good quality strain-remover while dealing with the floors. Another thing to keep in mind is to not to scratch the strains using any sharp object as it can also damage the surface of the floor.

Conclusion: In the light of the above discussion, it can finally be concluded that you have gathered sufficient tips to ensure long lives of your carpets and floors.

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