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Community Paint Pals: Your Pal With The Midas Touch

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Regardless of the painting design or scope of design, Naperville residents, as well as business people, are able to trust Community Paint Pals to create quality services as well as quality benefits.

Community Paint Pals are fast, fresh, seasoned master painters.

If working on residential, business, or maybe multi-family painting projects, pal journeyman level painters create quality benefits that are high within deadlines and budgets, as well as make an effort to surpass expectations.

The painters of community pals are always ready for each detail as well as task requirement, out of the usage of products which meet LEED specifications.

Enjoy pals painting services, along with benefits and professionalism.

The painters of ours are reliable.

Residential remodeling and construction

Pal painters coordinate as well as perform the numerous facets of any residential remodeling, as well as house building project throughout Naperville various architects as well as journeyman level craftspeople, pal painters, manage everything from bath renovations, kitchen, and whole-home remodels, historical renovations, additions, dormers, which includes handyman services.

Residential, multi-family and commercial painting

Community pals pro painters possess the skills, experience along with abilities required to deal with the interior as well as exterior requirements for residential, business, and multi-family painting tasks throughout. 

Community Paint Pals have the experience as well as abilities required for any painting design, multi-family painting project, or business in the Naperville region.

Pal painters work diligently, use high-end items, and tailor every painting function around what is ideal for the consumers of ours as well as their structures or homes.

When clients choose Community Paint Pals for their residential remodel, they choose a partner that will share their vision, and create a plan built around their goals.

One of the keys to a successful project is strong consistent communication throughout.

Our process involves forming a strong partnership with homeowners, identifying their needs, and making sure we achieve their vision; we handle every project detail with the same care as we would in our own homes.

No matter the type or scope of the residential remodeling project, we go to great lengths to ensure quality and peace of mind.

This includes providing repairs and renovations that fit within the home’s existing architecture and structural integrity, maintaining a clean workspace, and minimizing disruptions to our clients’ daily lives.

Homeowners believe in the integrity, experience along with abilities which pals commercial painters bring to the interior and exterior painting tasks throughout Naperville.

From our comprehensive estimates via cleanup, we take great pride in assisting the Naperville region to improve, protect as well as rejuvenate the houses of theirs.

The pal painters of ours are going to handle any kind of interior or perhaps exterior residential painting project with the utmost attention and professionalism.

We design the painting products of our client’s search, client’s wishes, together home’s, their home’s needs, whether enhancing the look along with feel or perhaps protecting against the components of our weather.

painter man with color swatch in your hand and ladder on background


Residential painting services

The residential painting services of ours cover a wide range of answers and requirements:

Working respectfully and diligently throughout.

Utilizing gear for difficult painting design, like the safe use of scaffolding and ladders

To handle the special requirements of older homes and historically vulnerable projects

Pressure washing and pre-application cleaning

Mildew as well as algae eradication

Scraping, sanding and paint removal

Lead secure work practices

Masking and area protection

Caulking, spackle, and epoxies

Wall fixes, drywall, popcorn ceiling removal, and texturing.


Expert spray, brush, and roll applications.

Multicolor trim applications.

Take eco-friendly goods & supplies, including very low and 0 VOC paints.

To apply an assortment of enamel finishes as well as special coatings when requested, which includes facial finishes, masonry coatings, water repellents, polyurethane, as well as elastomeric coatings.

Natural wood coatings, decks, arbors as well as fences. Thorough carpentry services, dried up rot repair, siding, trim as well as decking.

Our Vision Statement

To be the best and most efficient paint manufacturing company in Naperville.


Painting designs and allied items which are meticulously developed to meet international standards, making use of the very best available technology for the business end-user as well as high-end customers, employing a group of professional committed and buyer-oriented warfare through system excellence.

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