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My Life with Colic Children

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I was a nanny when I was 18. One of the babies I cared for had colic. It wasn’t horrible…after all, the parents returned to care for the baby in a few hours.

Then I married and had children.
Don’t let the fact that my kiddos are older fool you.
My first child had colic for three months. Neither of us slept, the neighbor turned me in for child abuse because my baby was CONSTANTLY crying. I tried drops, we visited the doctor. Nothing helped. We were exhausted.
Due to my first-born’s colic, I was not eager to have another child. It took 3.5 years for me to catch up on sleep before we had our second child. Thankfully, he was a VERY quiet and calm baby.
My third child was a cinch. I was starting to love motherhood.

A rare moment with Miss M and her colic

Then came my fourth child. It was a repeat of the first. Her colic was so bad that at six weeks, we flew to my brother’s wedding across the country. By the time we arrived at the hotel, the baby was hoarse and sounded like a small kitten. When we returned home three days later, the baby was so weak from crying that when I took her to the doctor, a doctor intern told me I had to come back for testing because my child had signs of meningitis!
My last child was one of my best babies. No colic.
As a baby I had colic. I remember calling my grandmother when my first born arrived screaming and she told me, “It’s payback. I didn’t sleep when you arrived either. At your three-months check up we took you to the doctor and he asked how old you were. I told him “3 months” and he said, ‘the colic will be gone now”…and it was.” Truly not advice you want to hear with a newborn…three months seemed like a lifetime–and grew longer as I became more and more sleep deprived.
My mother came to help with each of my children. The children I had with colic she would work their legs and it seemed to help. They still cried that cry where you know they are in horrible pain and you can do nothing to help them.
If you  have a child with colic, know that it gets better. Reach out to other mothers or family members so you can have a break. The rewards are many with a child, colic is a small part of the lifetime of joy they will bring.
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