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ClutchTees is for Me

I ran across while cruising the internet.

I have to say, they have some really great tee shirts

Under their funny tees there is one referencing one of my all time favorite Seinfeld epidsodes with the Soup Nazi…yeah, you know the one… has the tee shirt that says: “No Soup for You”

I can also appreciate the one that reads “The Breakfast Club”.
Okay, so it’s not Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe and Demi Moore, but my children can far better relate to Tony the Tiger, The Trix Bunny and Lucky Charms’ Leprechaun.
Then I clicked the link for their “vintage tee shirts”..oh. my. gosh.
They have a Grease Tee Shirt. Remember when that hit theaters.
I so loved it.
In fact, I loved the movie so much that I bought the soundtrack.
From there it just became more and more about who I was.
Ask my boys.
They will tell you.
There wasn’t a car ride we went on that didn’t involve them singing the “boy” parts while I belted out in my tone-deaf voice the “girl” parts.
Good times I tell you.
clutch teesThere are a lot of Star Wars shirts.
Oh, yeah, my 19-year old will be delighted by this.
Han Solo has to be a huge idol for my boy…right up there with John Mayer. even has one for those die-hard Mork and Mindy fans…yup…na-no na-no.
It was a hoot reliving those moments in my life that had faded.
Television shows, soundtracks, movies.
I was laughing out loud and fading into a tranquil state of “Remember that?”
Isn’t it great the statement a Tee-Shirt can make?!
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