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Sharing is caring! is a coupon website with a twist. It is not your average couponing website; in fact, it is a complete shopping guide. The RIC stands for reviews, information, and coupons. You can find the latest information, news, reviews, and of course, the best deals here. They have over 4000 fashion stores in their portfolio, and more keep coming. Not just clothing, this couponing website goes beyond your closet and has even coupons for other types of stores. Frugal Fashion Lovers, Here’s The Best Couponing Site For You

Those who are familiar with couponing would already know how beneficial it can be. Even today, many people are unaware of promo codes and end up paying full prices for the things they buy. When can you easily save money by just entering a code then why pay the full price? I find following a dedicated coupon website like better to find valid coupons for whatever that I need to buy.

Here are 5 reasons why I love ClothingRIC, and it is the best couponing site for those who love fashion while saving money:

There are over 4000 Stores

Whatever your favorite brand is, chances are has promotional codes for it. There are over 4000 stores at this dedicated coupon site. The choices are endless, and you can make a great deal of savings all year round.

If you are buying clothes, shoes, and accessories, this is the ultimate place to find the best deal. From high-end brands like Ralph Lauren to yoga apparel like Alo, Sneaker Marketplace like StadiumGoods and most trending women clothing like Red Dress Boutique everything is in one place for you. The stores are divided by category so that it is easy for visitors to head directly to the coupons they came looking for. Some of the categories at this site are Plus Size, Petite, Men’s Shoes, Women’s Shoes, Activewear, Lingerie, Maternity Wear, Baby Clothing, and Jewelry.

You can find all kinds of Discounts

The discounts are crazy! That is it, and there is no other way to explain it. I have gotten as much as 80% off on specific stores. While most coupons are discount coupons, some offer benefits in other ways. If you are one of those shoppers who hate paying for shipping, perhaps you can find a code to avail free shipping.

Most stores have coupons that can be applied sitewide, i.e., you can use them for buying anything from that particular store. However, some coupons may be valid for a particular product or category. Regardless, there are plenty of choices and great deals on whatever you want to get. On special occasions like Black Friday or Labor Day, is my go-to site for couponing as the discounts are way better.

They also feature FAQs, Reviews, and Latest Fashion News

What makes different is that it is not just an inventory of discount codes; it is a website with value. Its main purpose is to give its visitors the complete shopping guide. You can find most frequently asked questions answered about your favorite store. This information covers basics like shipping, returns, payments, and discounts.

Over at their blog, I have found many helpful reviews about different stores. You can also find out what are the latest trends in fashion. There are many helpful posts for those who need a little help upgrading their wardrobe and improving their style.

Before the beginning of the new season, they release new coupons for the latest collections. You can easily get your hands on the latest fashion without breaking the bank. They exclusively cover some of the most popular stores and signature products so that you know when the new line is out.

You can get exclusive Coupons

There are many stores whose coupons are exclusively available only on These deals are not available on any other website. Most big departmental stores and brands have discount codes available on multiple sites. However, many artisan brands that have a particular niche do not need many new websites. Their deals are exclusively released on this couponing site so their regular customers can benefit.

It is a user-friendly website

The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, unlike many other couponing websites that have a bad interface and a lot of advertisements going on. One reason why many shoppers do not bother to look for coupons is that most couponing websites have confusing designs. They do not want to waste time trying different codes that do not even work. does not have that design problem. Things are pretty simple on their pages. You look for your code, click it and that is it. All the codes are valid and some you do not even have to copy. You will be directed to the store page, and the discount will automatically apply. Can it be any simpler than that?

Final Words

ClothingRIC is an authentic couponing website that will help you save a lot of money over time. Clothing and shoes are one of the biggest expenses in our lives, and we spend hundreds of bucks every year. Imagine how much you would be able to save if you could use a discount code every time you shopped for your clothes, shoes, and accessories.

It is not just a site for finding coupon codes; it is also a fashion blog that can help you with your style game. All those who like to be on trend and wear the latest fashion without overspending their budget should visit this website regularly. I know I will every time I need to fill my closet.

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