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5 Cities To Go To For A Weekend Getaway

So you’ve packed your suitcase and braved the long-haul flight. Now you have landed in the United States of America. Get ready to explore! But where should you go? The USA has so many exciting places to visit that it’s hard for us to make this list. However, if it is your first time, there are some cities that you can’t miss. Read on for five amazing American cities worth spending a weekend getaway during your trip.


If you are in the US during the summer months, Chicago is one of the most fun and exciting cities to spend a weekend in. Get a Chicago-style hot dog (an American treat) and check out tourist attractions like the Bean, a giant mirrored art installation that shows off the Chicago skyline. For those looking for something more relaxing, take an architecture tour with Cruise Chicago and see the whole city from the Chicago River. Pro tip: Avoid visiting in winter if you are trying to stay warm. The weather in Chicago can get very unpleasant in the winter months. That’s why they call it the Windy City! 

New York City

NYC is one of the most famous cities in the entire world. No matter what time of year you visit, a weekend in NYC will have something for everyone. If you like the Arts, visit one of over 80 museums in the city, or catch a live performance on Broadway (check out Walk around Central Park or take the subway to Times Square for more budget-friendly options. The people-watching is fantastic there! Check out the Christmas window displays for a magical end to the weekend in the winter.


Whether you stay in a hostel, an Airbnb, or one of the fabulous Miami hotels (, any weekend in Miami is sure to leave you smiling. Walk or bike along Miami Beach for a romantic time, taking in the beautiful Florida sunshine. And don’t forget the food! Miami is home to many different people from all over the world, and each has brought their culture and food to the city. Grab a Cuban breakfast while you walk around Little Havana or eat ceviche while watching the sunset, share the experts at Miami Culinary Tours. Afterward, don’t forget to go enjoy the famous Miami nightlife, which will show you for certain why Miami is on this list. 

Miami Beach Florida USA

San Francisco

 A weekend in San Francisco offers many things, but one of the most special is its proximity to Wine Country, where some of the best wine in California is grown and produced. Compare it to the great wine in Italy and other European countries, and I’m sure it will stand up to the best of them. Back in the city, make sure to take a ride on the trolly. On a clear day, you’ll be able to see the Golden Gate Bridge, one of the most recognizable landmarks in the US. In San Francisco, any picture you take will look just like a postcard.

Image of Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California during sunrise.

Los Angeles

The City of Angels is a cool place to visit any time, but especially in the spring when the weather is nice. Close to both the beach and Hollywood, LA has many activities to fill your weekend plans. It is the center of the US movie industry, so many famous tourist spots to visit, such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame. If you like to do outdoor activities, you can even hike all the way up to the Hollywood Sign to see that beautiful Los Angeles view. Who knows, you might even see a celebrity! 

These five places are the “must visit” cities for a weekend getaway when you’re in the US. A trip planned to any one of them will not leave you disappointed. 

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