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Choosing A Roofing Company

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The roof of a house is one of the most important structures yet it is often neglected.

Most homeowners will only look for a roofing contractor when they notice a leak or one of these signs a new roof is needed.

This shouldn’t be the case as there could be an underlying problem with the roofing structure.

It might be too late and a complete haul will be necessary.

That is why the roofing system should be inspected on a regular so that potential problems are detected early before they get out of hand.

Finding a reliable roofing company is always going to be challenging.

You can save yourself the trouble by reaching out to C&D Staten Island Roofing.

Here are some of the considerations you should be having in mind if you’re looking for a roofing company.

roofing with one side tar and shingled and one side bare wood

Choosing A Roofing Company

Local Contractor

You should be looking for a local contractor for the roofing project.

It is easier to work with a local company compared to one that is from another city or state.

A local company will have already established a reputation in the community that they serve.

They will also be aware of the local laws and regulations when it comes to roofing.

The area you live in might require some specific roofing system because of the climate and the natural elements.

A local contractor is well aware of such factors and how they shape the decision for the roofing to be put in place.

There is also the issue of trust which can be taken care of when you’re using a local company for the roofing repair and installation.

silhouette of man doing roof repair

Cheap is Expensive

You will be tempted to go for the contractor with the cheapest quote especially if you’re on a budget.

This can be an expensive mistake and you will only find out the hard way.

Such contractors might not be experienced.

They will also use cheap products in order to keep the costs down.

You will have to replace the roof after only a few years because of poor workmanship during the initial installation.

When you use a cheap contractor, you will encounter issues even before the work begins.

Such shoddy contractors will always have an excuse for not doing their job.

roofing contractor checking shingles on roof

License and Insurance

You need to make sure that the roofing company has the necessary credentials before deciding to work with them.

A licensed company provides the assurance that the contractors are well trained in roof repairs and installation.

You will also need to make sure that the company has all the required insurance before the job.

You can rest easy knowing that the project is in good hands.

Ideally, the contractor should have liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance.

Worker’s compensation will take care of any injuries that could arise from the roofing project.

Liability insurance is to make sure you’re covered in case of damage to property.

You can go a step further and call the insurance provider just to make sure the documents are valid if you suspect the contractor.

worker stripping shingles from roof before roof repair


One of the ways you can know about the quality you can expect from the roofing company is by asking for references.

A company that has nothing to hide will be more than willing to provide references.

Their past customers can vouch for their experience and level of service.

You should be wary of a contractor who is dodging the question of references.

The references should be attached to the portfolios.

You can identify one or two references with similar projects and give them a call.

Ask them about their experience with the contractor and why they think you should work with them.

working crew installing metal roof as part of roofing repair


A good roofing contractor should provide assurance on workmanship and the products that are used for the roofing project. 

A company that is confident about its work should be willing to provide assurance.

It is the only way you can guarantee that the work with be of the highest quality.

Ask the contractor about the warranty.


Open and transparent communication is key to the success of any project and roofing work is no exception.

There should be proper communication between you and the contractor at every phase of the project.

The contractor should be providing timely updates about the status of the project so that you can know what to expect at every stage.


Everything should be written down in a legally binding contract.

This will protect you in case you’re dealing with a rogue contractor.

The contract will include all the details of the agreement.

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