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Choosing the Right Blinds for Your Bathroom

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When it comes to installing blinds into rooms like your bathroom, you need to think practically first. Bathrooms are busy places, even if you go there to relax! There’s steam, shower droplets, bubbles, and temperature changes – and that’s just during the morning rush. If you’re choosing the right blinds for your bathroom, follow these tips to get it right before you head off to Make My Blinds UK.


Spacious and comfortable bathroom with freestanding bathtub and the right blinds for your bathroom

Don’t use real wood

You’re really best advised not to use real wood in a humid room like the bathroom as it can warp, stain and twist over the years.

You can choose some false wood if you like, or just skip the natural look altogether and go straight to metal or plastic.

To play it safe, you should also consider waterproof blinds.


Get the fabric right

Again, as with wood, you’re best to avoid cotton, linens, and silks for the bathroom.

These fabrics get damp easily, and you’ll end up with water stains and mildew in no time in no time.

Polyester and PVC are the best options here as they can cope with a bit of the wet stuff and they’re not prone to mold.

Roller blinds are the best option

Of course, you can use any style of blind you fancy, but remember, you have to think practically.

The best thing about roller blinds is that they just roll up out of the way and even when they’re lowered they’re not in the way.

Most bathrooms have bottles and decorations on the windowsill, so if you can lower and raise your blind without causing an avalanche, you’re winning.


If your bathroom is south-facing…

If your bathroom is south-facing then you can branch out a bit and install some Venetian blinds.

The great thing about these blinds is that you can let the sunshine stream in while maintaining privacy by getting the angle of the slats right. 

You can vary the amount of light you let in, just in case you want a relaxing bath without glare.

the right blinds for the bathroom for a finished look

Blinds are great for privacy

Your bathroom should be a place of privacy, so if your bathroom window is overlooked, then a blind is invaluable as you can control the amount of light that comes in and whether anyone can see in.

You don’t have to block out that lovely sunlight just to get a few moments’ peace anymore.

Remember your waterproofing

Bathrooms can be tough on fabrics and other materials if they’re in there all the time, so make sure you use blinds that are made from polyester and that the support structures are made from polymers that won’t absorb moisture, leading to cracking, mold, and warping.

It might be a bit more expensive initially, but it pays off in the end.

Using blinds for extra insulation

If your blinds are fitted quite close to the window recess, then they can help to keep out draughts in the winter.

There’s nothing worse than a cold bathroom, especially in the morning, so once you’ve got the place nice and warm, your blinds can help you to keep it that way.

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