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How to Choose Best Coaching Training Programs by Professional Executive Coaches

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The profession of coaching has shed it amateurish cloak and acquired professional attire that has raised the demand for trained coaches who have undergone some of the best coaching training programs. This has given more options to consumers when they hire a coach, and having a certification simply makes you stand out as a professional. The certification program aimed at training coaches is an elaborate journey of 4 or 9 months (depending on the training module you choose) in the transformation that allows you to see others as well as yourself through new eyes.  Adding coaching skills to your CV would provide the motivation to excel in your filed and career advancement would become easy and more meaningful.

When enrolling with a coach training program, you must check the following points to ascertain how much value you get from it.

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How to Choose Best Coaching Training Programs by Professional Executive Coaches

Choose an accredited program

Coaching training programs should follow a curriculum that aligns with the coaching best practices, and it should have accreditation with some of the main coaching bodies. ICF (International Coaching Federation), CCE (Continuing Coach Education) and EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) are the coaching bodies that provide accreditation. The coaching training institute you enroll with must have a valid accreditation of any of the coaching bodies with ICF being most preferred. Choose a coach specific accredited program as it would ensure that you acquire skills in accordance with the ICF Core Coaching Competencies.

 Check the credential of trainers

Not only should the program have accreditation of coaching bodies, but also the trainers must have matching credentials. Be sure that the trainer who imparts the training has proper credentials and check what kind of credential they have.  Since the credentials are often acronyms which you might not be able to understand, check its authenticity by logging on to the websites of ICF, CCE, and EMCC. The credentials of trainers are very important because it is proof of their expertise on the subject. To obtain the credential, the trainer had to go through the same process that you are now embarking upon to become a certified trainer.

With or without mentoring

Some training programs require the presence of a mentor who guides you through the program. Check if mentoring is part of the program and whether the cost is already included in what you have paid or will it cost you extra.  Usually, the quoted price mentions ‘mentoring included’ or ‘mentoring not included.’ Even if it is included, check the hours mentioned.  Check the credentials of the mentor too because only coaches with proper credential can become mentors.

Be sure about who the trainer is

Although it might not always be necessary, the institute you enroll with must allow you to talk to the trainer if need be. This is important to avoid the embarrassment of finding that the promised trainer with the required credentials was only baiting to attract people while there is someone else less experienced actually giving the training.

Lastly, check the reliability of the institute to ensure that they do not over promise and under deliver.

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