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Charter Bus Travel: The Top Benefits of Traveling By Bus When On Vacation

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Did you know that in 2017, 849 million Americans took a flight overseas or in the United States? If you love to travel, but you don’t like lots of crowds, flying is not the way to go.

There are other ways to travel comfortably, and quickly. Traveling by charter bus is one of the best ways of transportation on your vacations. Let’s take a look at the benefits of traveling by bus.

Charter Bus Travel: The Top Benefits of Traveling By Bus When On Vacation

What is a Charter Bus?

Charter buses are large coach buses that are most popular for group travel. These buses are comfortable to drive a far distance, or nearby. A lot of organizations use these buses for their group travel, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them if you aren’t in a group.

The Benefits of Riding in a Charter Bus

There are quite a few benefits to renting a charter bus for your next vacation.


The cost of renting a charter bus, especially if you’re in a large group, is less expensive than other alternative transportation options.

The average cost per person is less than if you were to buy an airline ticket. Some people think that a charter bus is less convenient because of the time it takes in comparison to an airplane. But, there is one thing to assure you your ride will be worth it: the views.

Scenery and Fun

If you’re going on a trip that ventures into scenic views, traveling by bus is one of the best ways to experience them. You aren’t stuck looking out a tiny car window, or staring at the clouds from an airplane.

You’ll get to sightsee, get off at pullouts, and jump into any gift shops you see. Charter buses can be a ton of fun without the stress of other family vacations. You get to take your time, and the good drivers get to get behind the wheel.

It Saves the Environment

Riding in a charter bus is more sustainable and environmentally friendly than driving in a car or on an airplane. When a charter bus in full, it’s five times more fuel-efficient than a car. Planes cause twice as much damage to planet earth than a charter bus.

It Keeps You Safe

Charter buses like RedCoach have the lowest numbers when it comes to injuries and accidents. They are a safe, reliable mode of transportation. Most buses do carry first-aid kits and have to follow current guidelines and procedures for bus safety.

Charter buses are twice as safe as flying in an airplane and almost 50 times more than automobiles.

Corporate Travel

If you travel a lot corporately, or this is a vacation or outing for work, a charter bus makes your time more efficient. While you’re traveling, you can accomplish your work to-do list, while collaborating with other members on the team.

Less overall time is spent traveling, from your house to the airport, airport to another airport, and so on. You spend less time wasted, and more productive time traveling.

Charter Buses for Life!

If you think you’ll be riding on a charter bus in your near future, take a look at our post on the comprehensive list of the best Netflix movies aboard!

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