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Going Camping for the First Time? Here Are the Things You’ll Need

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Going Camping for the First Time? Here Are the Things You’ll Need

All work and no play make… well, you know the rest. Missing out on a break can make anyone cranky and unproductive.

That’s why psychologists recommend engaging in sports or spending time with family.

Camping is also a great alternative for people who are tired of the usual routine, and it’s a fun way to explore the outdoors with the whole family.

If you don’t know much about camping, websites like Toad can recommend fantastic ideas to make your first camping venture memorable.

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For first-time campers, here are a few things that you will need to maximize your camping experience:

Pack the bare necessities

You don’t have to bring so many things to camping.

Pack light as much as possible, but try to bring all the necessities such as foldable chairs and tables.

Since the camp is more likely to happen outdoors, leave your stilettos and expensive shoes at home.

Instead, bring along a pair of flip flops or whatever kind of shoes that you don’t mind getting muddy or wet.

Be ready to get down and dirty in your first camp!

Bring multi-purpose items

When you go out camping, don’t bring every tool that you think you need. Instead, a versatile tool like a Swiss Army knife should come in handy.

Prepare to make fire

Starting a fire is not an easy task for first-time campers.

The easiest way to start a fire is by bringing the following:

An ignition source, say a lighter or a box of matches.

Tinder to start the fire, such as pieces of paper or dryer lint

Kindling to sustain the fire, such as twigs and cardboard

Primary fuel, in the form of thick dry wood

Bring pre-packed food

Pack enough food that will last all through your whole stay at the camp.

If you will be bringing fresh meat, ensure that you pack enough ice that can keep it fresh until it is ready for cooking.

Stay away from chips and other unhealthy snacks for your kids.

Bring enough water as well to keep the family hydrated. Bring paper plates, cups, and disposable utensils.

Bring a durable tent

More importantly, buy a good quality tent that can fulfill your purpose.

Don’t pick tents based on price, because they might not withstand high winds or heavy rains.

That would definitely ruin your camping experience!

Camping with kids?

Children may get excited to join you on a camping trip, but unfortunately, boredom may strike after a long trip.

To keep them busy during travel, make sure that you provide them enough space to move at the back of the car.

Also, let them bring their favorite toys along and some healthy snacks.

If your kids are less than nine years old, it may be too soon for them to camp.

If you’re unsure whether your children are ready to go camping, ask your fellow parents about their own experiences camping with their own kids.

Some kids may not be happy to know if they will be staying outdoors for the weekend because they worry about being disconnected from the virtual world.

If that’s the case, let your kids experience a different kind of vacation, by letting them know that nature offers a lot more exciting things that they could imagine.

For all you know, your first camping trip could be a life-changing experience for you and your family.

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