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Simple Ways To Spice Up Your Camping Experience

Elevate your camping adventure with easy and exciting tips. Discover simple ways to add spice to your outdoor experience. 

Camping is one of the most exciting and experiential forms of vacation available to us – yet not many Americans love it as much as they should. Do you remember camping as a child and the amount of fun you had? Well, you might prefer hotels now that you’re grown, but if you have little ones, make sure that they get to enjoy the same experiences that you did too.

Whether you’re thinking of taking your first camping experience (as an adult), or you’re a seasoned professional, there are a few ways that you can look to spice up your camping experience to make it extraordinary. If you have a set routine for when you head out camping, then this idea might especially appeal to you. We all know that camping can be fun and exciting most of the times, but if you’re looking for ways to enhance your trip and make it more enjoyable for everyone involved, these ideas should help.

Camping Experience


Camp For Longer

When you think of camping, you can often see it as a weekend activity.

Camping over a weekend can be fun for your first trip or two, but sometimes, you want to amp it up completely.

If you just find yourself settling in when it’s time to go home, you should think about extending your camping trip to last a week or even two.

By camping for seven or fourteen days, or anywhere in between, you get to enjoy more time together, have more fun, and make more memories.

Find A Fun Location

Sometimes, you can often choose to stay closer to home when you camp.

That can be okay, but this grand old nation of ours is pretty huge and impressive – the wilderness can be second to none.

So, instead of sticking to your home comforts, why not venture further afield?

According to Greatist, there are an incredible amount of campsites across the country that will provide the perfect base for your camping experience; you just need to get out there and see them.

Camping Experience


Survive Off Of The Surroundings

In our modern world, it’s easy to want to be able to have all of your favorite things with you.

Society has even made it possible.

You can bring your favorite food when you can, and your little ones can take their favorite toys and games.

But, what’s the fun in camping if it just feels like you’re at home?

To enjoy your camping experience, why not be strict with what you bring and forget all about the luxuries.

Surviving off of your surroundings, entertainment-wise and food-wise can be a whole lot of fun.

And to save yourself from mosquito bites, natural essential oils like eucalyptus oils and peppermint oils are the best options.

Go for the best essential oil brands which suit your skin.

Utilize The Lake

If you head to a lake when you camp, then you have to have some fun in it.

If you often go to a field, campsite, or even into a forest, you might want to think twice about your surroundings.

When you camp next to a lake, your experience can be heightened – so be sure to bring a waterproof blanket to help you keep warm!

Not only do you get to take in the spectacular views and admire the natural wildlife, but you can also go swimming or head out on a boat and enjoy a beautiful ride.

Live And Learn

Camping can be a great educational experience; not only for your children but you too.

When you’re out in the wilderness, you’re often surrounded by exciting animals and a wealth of plants.

So, why not put your knowledge to the test?

See how many different animals you can find as a family, or even do your best at naming all of the plants and trees.

You might even want to get a book to see if you can learn to identify them all.

Enhance Your Cooking

When you go camping, often we do one of two things with our cooking.

Firstly, we keep it simple and eat out of cans in the traditional way.

Or, secondly, we made up our favorite foods and heat them back up over the campfire.

But, they don’t have to be your only option. In fact, you can create some incredible recipes right them on site.

When you look online, you can find a ton of amazing campfire meal ideas and even the best-cast iron dutch oven recipes to spice up your cuisine.

Camping Experience

Do Something New

If you have a set routine when it comes to camping, it can often get stale quite quickly.

Kids often get bored and crave new and exciting things – so why not give it to them.

There is so many fun, and interesting camping activities available, so work on trying them all.

If you haven’t already, you might want to try building a fort, collect bugs, or even start a scavenger hunt where you find items that correlate with a different letter of the alphabet.

Take In The Sites

Although you may feel as if you have to stay on-site when you camp, you’re limiting your opportunities by being in that frame of mind.

You don’t have to camp the entire time. In fact, you can improve your overall experience by going elsewhere.

Depending on where you’re staying, you may all benefit from heading out to see some of the local attractions.

Trade In Your Tent

If you’ve had the same old trusty tent for years, you might be quite be attached to it.

But, you could be significantly improving your camping experience by opting for something new. Instead of opting for a tent, why not think about going glamping in a specialist facility, renting an RV, or even treating yourself to a stay in a fashionable yurt.

Taking your camping experience to the next level will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable each and every time you head out.

Of course, if you decide to go down this road, it is vital that you take the necessary care of your new investment.

Items like travel trailer covers will ensure that your new piece of camping equipment is protected when it isn’t being used, allowing you to use it for years to come.

Do Nothing

When you pack your camping agenda with a lot of activities, you can often feel like you’re overstretched.

Sometimes, it is good to do a lot of nothing.

If you have little ones, this might be a little harder to accomplish, but if you’re camping as a couple or with friends, why not work on de-stressing, relaxing, and maybe even doing a little yoga.

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