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A Little Thing Called Dog: How to take care of them?

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Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. Whoever said those words had the same feeling as all the dog lover has in this world. You know that your dog loves you when he can snap you out of any bad mood that you are in faster than you can think of. I have always lived my life around dogs. I was born into the per lover family, and we had two dogs, Jaime and Bruce and one parrot Alex.

Jaime is the old one who always took care of me. The video compilation of baby and dogs that you see nowadays. That’s me; I have lived that life. I have rolled to the one side of the bed only to roll back by Jaime. I have intentionally put my foot on Bruce’s tail, without giving a second thought about it. Alex was always scared of me, maybe because one time, I pulled him out of his cage to bath him, only to be drowning him in the tub. He flew through and never came close to me.

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But hey! Don’t judge me I was only four by then. Although the time was short, I will always remember them as the first snow. When I started living independently and moved to Atlanta, I ever had this void feeling, maybe it was homesickness or just not the most comfortable atmosphere to live alone. And since I can’t just bring my family with me, I made one of my own. I adopted a sweet little ball of fur, and the home was filled with kisses, wagging tails, wet noses, and love.

Jaime (I named him after the Senior Jaime) was a golden retriever. You should watch him walk; he has one of the most lovely walks in this whole universe, which will make you curdle him to your tightest hug. Since Jaime came home, everything falls into place. I was settling down into my life, work was doing great, and I was getting married (even more amazing). He was our flower dog in the wedding, the first one to walk to the altar. You should see the photos, it’s just not me, and Jaime won many hearts by the end of the reception.

But what was giving me fret at that moment, is the problem of staying away from him for the next two weeks. You see, from the moment Jaime came to the home, I have never really left me alone and two weeks were like two years for me. I can’t leave him with friends because not everyone you meet is a dog person. Some had little toddler, some are scared, and my parents had their schedule to follow. The only place I can come up with was Buckhead Paws dog walkers.

No just so that you don’t get confused Buckhead paws is not just a dog is sitting shop. It is pet care services, which provide walking to overnight per sitting. They made my life easy. During my honeymoon, I was calm and stress-free. I request the staff member to make some video of Jaime. It can be playing, eating or sleeping. This did give me a breath of satisfaction. Jaime won’t feel lonely, and I can enjoy my honeymoon more happily. They are in business since 2007 and reassured me about the staff and their care. They did give me daily updates through e-mails.

Buckhead paws dog walkers are not just for vacation pet setting; there are tons of other services that they provide.

Services by Buckhead Paws

Unlike any other pet care provider, Buckhead give has a fixed price which starts at $25 per visit. It doesn’t matter how many pets you have or that you have a long weekend night. They have fixed the price according to the service with no add on. The prices of your services can be decided from the call and if you don’t find the matching service you need. You can always ask of customization.

  • Daily Dog Walks – People like me, who lives along and does more than a regular 9 to 5 hours job knows how hard it is to give your dog a routine. Getting him potty trained was the hardest. Due to heavy work, it can be impossible to show all your affection. Buckhead fills the gap and doesn’t work according to the time but according to the need of the dog.
  • Vacation Sitting – You can leave your dog in the house. The staff will look for you, feed him, play with him and show him the love he needed with no time limit.
  • Overnight Sitting – Going out for the weekend or business trip? Buckhead can give all the snuggles he wants. From 8:00 pm to 7:00 am, your dog will not be alone.
  • Cat sitting – Who says that only dog has paws, Cats are fun on their own. Just like any dog, cats will have the same love as their enemy counterpart has.
  • Pet Sitting By Hour – You don’t need to have an explanation in this one. Choose your hour and give them a call. They are just a call away.

Something to Remember

Life is just like traffic, some places are smooth to drive, and other time you will get stuck in the truck. Buckhead can clear your traffic. You can give all the love you want to your pets, even when you are not present.

With Buckhead paws dog walkers, Jaime never felt alone, and I never felt stressed. We even extended our family by welcoming Jacob, another golden retriever. My love for them is endless, surely I miss the senior Jacob and Bruce as they were my first love but everything I know, I learned from my dogs. My dogs are not replaceable, disposable and have a heart bigger than anything you can ever own.

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